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Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge – Generations of trust owner and attorney Victoria Jones Waller trained with the best, St. Since 2014 F. in legal fields. Petersburg by Richard Hitt

Born and raised in Brandon, Florida, Vicki is originally from Tampa Bay. She moved from Brandon in 2005 to attend Stetson University School of Law. She graduated from Stetson University College of Law in 2007 and was admitted to the Florida Bar on May 12, 2008. While there, she fell in love with the St. Louis area. Petersburg decided to put down her roots here. Vicky met her husband John Waller through mutual friends and they now have two children, beautiful Annabelle and handsome Cooper.

Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge

Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge

Vicki has always had a passion for helping people and volunteering in Hillsborough County Schools starting as a Girl Scout. She joined Key Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kiwanis and its affiliate, CKI, and many other organizations. That desire to help has turned into an exceptional law practice that now benefits their clients by establishing the best real estate plan for them. Vicky invests time and schedules one-on-one meetings or provides a support system for those dealing with the loss of a loved one by guiding them through the process of managing an estate or trust.

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Community engagement is a key component of Generations of Trust, not just for the wiki, but for all contributors. She leads by example by serving as Vice President on the Parents and Children’s Thrive Together Committee; Vice President of the SPCA Professional Advisory Committee (PAC); Suncoast Hospice Professional Partners Council; networking as a member of the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce as an ambassador; Suncoast Goodwill Ambassador; member and past president of Sunshine City Kiwanis; Suncoast Estate Planning Council; Bar Association of St. Pete (Member, Real Estate Section, Probate and Trust Law, Young Lawyers Section); Bar Association of St. Pete Barr 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Florida Kiwanis Deputy Governor. The private-side practice, a deal that has been under scrutiny for years, could be in a hearing again this week to determine whether the city and parish’s top attorney will keep her job.

Some lawyers seem to take on only divorce or inheritance matters and do less time-consuming cases as part of their side jobs. But other times, like Assistant Parish Attorney Tedrick Knightshead, who has a strong criminal defense practice, the job seems more demanding and can raise questions about conflicts of interest.

Personal Parish Attorney Mary Roper, the highest-paid employee in her office, handles outside work in addition to her supervisory duties in the city. Council members critical of Roper’s leadership are expected to press her on the issue at a hearing Wednesday, questioning whether she and her full-time staff are really carrying a full-time workload as they work outside.

A section of council members said they had lost faith in Roper and were calling for his dismissal. The council could vote Wednesday on Roper’s future after a hearing in chambers at City Hall.

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Roper said she and her attorneys often work more than 40 hours a week and rejected the idea that any private practice clients they take on would constitute a city-parish conflict of interest. The parish attorney’s office employs 28 full-time attorneys, with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $120,000. At least 17 lawyers have private practices and sign vague conflict disclosure forms quarterly.

Disclosure forms must list the “broad areas of law” lawyers practice in their private practice, but do not require a list of clients. They ask to check the box that says they don’t represent clients with “a conflict or any interest adverse to the city-parish or its agencies.”

The lawyer reviewed a series of cases in the 19th Circuit Court that found state attorneys frequently used their private practice to defend people arrested by the Baton Rouge Police Department. The office is the attorney for Metro Council, the Mayor’s Office, city and parish government-related departments, agencies, and committees, including representing the Police Department in litigation and other matters.

Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge

Knightshead, who has worked for City-Parish since 2005, has signed at least 99 cases in the 19th Judicial District since 2013 for private practice clients. The vast majority were criminal defense cases, at least 34 of which were initiated by Baton arrested by the police department. Rouge.

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Many of his defense cases were drug cases; However, some have handled more serious charges, with at least two clients facing second-degree murder charges, which generally take up more of the defense attorney’s time. Others have been charged with racketeering and money laundering.

Since February 2013, according to filings, Knightshead has appeared at least 144 times for his private clients in Parish Court, which typically holds hearings during office hours and on weekdays.

Knightshead said in an email that he often works nights and weekends at the district attorney’s office, which allows him to use office hours for his private practice.

For example, Knightshead said he recently took a deposition for the city of Baton Rouge in Slidell that began at 5 p.m. Ended at 19:30. He said he was not paid for travel or overtime.

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“Because I have to do city and parish work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. timeframe, I will be able to complete my assignments for my personal office and meet the requirement to work 80 hours during the pay period at the Parish Attorney’s Office,” Knightshead said.

Knightshead also mentioned his government salary. At $60,172 a year, Knightshead is at the low end of the pay scale; He is, however, entitled to a generous parish pension.

“It’s sad to say, but if we can’t increase our income in private practice it’s almost impossible to hire a lawyer to handle our cases for our salary,” Knightshead said.

Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge

Roper said neither Knightshead nor other defense attorneys have a conflict of interest because criminal cases in the 19th JDC come from the state of Louisiana through the district attorney, and city police only serve as witnesses in that court. She also noted that no City-Parish employee adjudicates the case, as she does as a City Court prosecutor.

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But the potential awkwardness of Knightshead’s dual role can be seen in at least one case he handles in his capacity as city and parish attorney. Most recently, on May 29, Knightshead signed on as the city’s co-counsel, defending the Baton Rouge Police Department against officers accused of excessive force. At the same time, as a criminal defense attorney, Knightshead may have to test the veracity of police officers’ statements when defending a client.

Dane Ciolino, a Loyola law professor and author of the Louisiana Legal Ethics Blog, said potential conflicts of interest for attorneys should be decided on a case-by-case basis, agreeing with Roper that his attorneys would not be strictly barred from criminal defense work 19 JDC .

But he said it would be inappropriate for an assistant parish attorney to cross-examine a Baton Rouge police officer on behalf of a private client to cast doubt on their testimony.

Michelle Getty, an ethics professor at Southern University Law Center, said the parish attorney’s office is effectively a law firm and law firms should not take on conflict clients without written waivers from clients.

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She said state attorneys are privy to information that might be helpful to a client in a legal battle with the government.

“There are two things lawyers owe their clients: loyalty and confidentiality,” she said. “Could information obtained by that person as a state attorney now be used against the government for the benefit of an individual client? Or do they have information obtained from a private individual that can be used against an individual against the government?

Some cities and parishes have enacted policies prohibiting their attorneys from litigating for their private practice in the same parish, Ciolino noted.

Attorney Vicki Jones Baton Rouge

Since 2010, Jefferson Parish attorneys have been completely barred from outside practice. In the city of New Orleans, only traffic and municipal court attorneys are authorized to practice outside.

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Roper described her private practice as “very limited.” Roper and Assistant Parish Attorney Gwendolyn Brown work for the Louisiana Appellate Project, writing appeals for indigent defendants convicted at trial.

Brown is a supervisor at the nonprofit organization and has been involved as a lawyer in at least 16 cases filed with the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which has heard the cases since 2013.