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When you think of Texas, you think of success. Well, Texas has had success, but it has also had massive failures. In fact, what made Texas was a failure, not a success. In the end, neither Spain, nor France, nor Mexico, nor the Republic, nor the Commonwealth could hold Texas. People flocked to this place because they couldn’t go anywhere else, but what happened when they got there? The wells dried up, the grass collapsed, and the city gave up its ghosts. But that setback only fueled them to keep looking for something bigger and better, and today Texans just keep playing, losing and playing again. So maybe we owe it to the fools, the failures, the fools, the fools who made our state what it is today. You might even be proud of it. Otherwise, at least you can learn from your past mistakes.

Bob Bowland Attorney Fort Worth

Bob Bowland Attorney Fort Worth

The Battle of the Alamo apparently failed in relation to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. There was no way 187 men could repel the 4,000-strong Santa Anna horde. William B. Travis, the notorious hothead, was unsuitable as a leader.

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It was also a disaster. John Wayne played Davy Crockett and made his directorial debut in a long, boring, boring box office bomb.

In 1540, after Cabeza de Vaca and other Spanish explorers reported the existence of a wondrous and luminous land somewhere in the New World, Coronado set out with 300 soldiers to hunt the fabled seven cities of Cibola. He was accompanied by a lying monk who claimed to have seen firsthand the silvery streets and the turquoise gates.

Rounding the Rio Grande River, Coronado eventually found a mythical village, which turned out to be nothing more than a Pueblo group of Zuni Indians. He was disappointed, but not for long. Still deceived, he swallowed the tales of Gran Quivira, an equally wonderful city built of gold and jewels. Heading north through the Texas Panhandle, Coronado reached as far as central Kansas before learning that Quivira was little more than a motley town of Wichita tents. He returned to Mexico to face widespread ridicule and died ingloriously.

Another unfortunate explorer was La Salle, whose expedition failed even more 145 years later. First he passed his destination, the mouth of the Mississippi River. Then in Texas waters he lost two ships in Matagorda Bay. Venturing into uncharted territory in Texas, La Salle was killed by one of his own men. All but a few of his followers disappeared or were soon slaughtered by the Karankawas.

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When Texas was incorporated into the Union in 1845, Congress passed a resolution allowing Texas to be divided into five states if desired. Attempts to create a variety of mini Texases, known by names such as San Jacinto, Lincoln, Franklin, Jefferson and Matagorda, have failed over 16 times, first in 1850 and most recently in 1969. Texas-born and former US Vice President John Nance Garner was the most famous proponent of divisionism (and, of course, he supported the desperate effort to name the cactus flower the national flower).

But State Senator V. E. “Red” Berry of San Antonio was the most colorful sectarian. In 1969, angry at the clockwork regularity of his own pari-mutuel bill failing to pass the legislature, Berry submitted a proposal to create a fun new South Texas state that would draw a line from Orange to El Paso and quickly legalize horse racing. . Under Berry’s plan, San Antonio would become the capital of South Texas, and the Hemisfair site would be used as a state office complex, housing the new governor in the Tower of the Americas’ revolving restaurant. Berry’s big idea followed the path of earlier pari-mutuel legislation.

A dark day in Texas history: Jan. 3, 1959 Alaska’s admission as the 49th state shatters its long-beloved and avidly known status as the greatest of the states, spoils a few perfectly good jokes and requires immediate editing I did. of the “greatest and grandest” line in the country song.

Bob Bowland Attorney Fort Worth

Of course, Korean traditional music is a failure in itself. But you can understand its apparent monotony if you know that (1) the quest for an official national anthem culminated in a statewide contest in 1924 and (2) the British won. When “Texas, Our Texas” was first played at a state event, the band hesitated and played the governor’s campaign song instead.

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In 1974, after the commission spent eight months drafting a new version of the state constitution with 63,000 words and 233 amendments, 181 members of Congress gathered in Austin for the first constitutional convention since 1875. By July 30, when the new constitution officially ended, it was impossible to secure the two-thirds majority needed to approve the new constitution by a margin of three votes.

The Texas Navy, organized in 1836, had no more than a dozen ships, most of which were lost at sea, rot or sold to pay for repairs. When the United States annexed Texas, only four ships remained, three of which were declared unfit for use.

In 1860, the Texas Legislature had a brilliant idea. Because using the North Fork of the Red River as the state border instead of the South Fork would give Texas more land. As a result, the state moved its boundaries, gave the new Greer County its name, imported settlers and livestock, and added a few churches and schools.

Fortunately, the Civil War broke out just then, and the federal government was unaware that the Territory had been scarred. In the interim, federal authorities did not challenge Texas’ claims until 1895. As in most confrontations with Uncle Sam after that, Texas lost. The Supreme Court has ruled that the South Fork of the river is the border, in effect the southern bank of the South Fork. The worst part is that the legislature’s big idea is – OMG! – Oklahoma.

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Governor Bill Clements’ drilling company, Sedco, provided equipment used for drilling Ixtoc I, a Mexican oil well in the Yucatan Peninsula that exploded on June 3, 1979 and spilled more than 3 billion barrels of crude oil in the Gulf, which eventually drifted. to the beaches of Texas. It took staff nine months to cover Ixtoc I, the infamous cause of the world’s worst oil spill.

Throughout the 1950s, Houston millionaires George Kirksey and Craig F. Cullinan, Jr. unsuccessfully attempted to acquire nearly every major league team that existed at the time. In 1959, plans for a third baseball league, the Continental League, began, and impatient Kirksey and Cullinan hurriedly formed the Houston Sports Association as the starting point for organizing teams in Houston. Then, the National League and American League expanded and decided to block the creation of the Third League, and Kirksey and Cullinan lost again.

One of Texas native Howard Hughes’ first business ventures was the acquisition of the faltering RKO Pictures Corporation in 1948, but once his golden touch let him down. He couldn’t even turn back. He announced the following tariffs.

Bob Bowland Attorney Fort Worth

In 1971, newspaper headlines across the state publicized the outbreak of the Sharpstown scandal. The Federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in which Houston financier Frank W. Sharp and other National Bankers Life Insurance Company officials, ) filed a civil lawsuit accusing it of manipulating company stock to fatten the portfolios of various political leaders in Texas, including the president. , two state legislators and the state’s Democratic chairman. According to the suit, Mutscher tried to return the favor by getting legislation in favor of Sharp to pass the House.

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The disturbance resulted in Mutscher and two of his aides being tried and convicted of bribery conspiracy. However, the scandal did not end with the culprit. State voters took control and Smith failed to run for a third term. Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes, a 33-year-old prodigy who ran for governor with Smith, also lost the race in the aftermath of the scandal.

Despite various political defeats and embarrassments during his career, Lyndon Johnson’s greatest failure was the Vietnam War. That was enough.

During Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, the White House commissioned artist Peter Hurd to paint the chief executive’s official portrait. Hurd presented the painting to LBJ in 1966, but the President banned it from the White House, declaring it to be the ugliest thing he had ever seen.

It was about an idealistic young Latin American trying to find a perfect constitution and save his country’s alpaca from an evil dictator. H.L.

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