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California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County – Hello! I’m Martin Anderson I’ve been handling auto cases as a Lemon County Orange County attorney since 1995. During this time, I was constantly fighting for clients. I have handled over 1,000 lemon law cases in both the California Supreme Court and the United States District Court.

I understand when a car company leaves you trapped in a lemon and I am ready to help you with your lemon law case. If you need help with a lemon vehicle and you live anywhere in California, give me a call.

California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County

California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County

In lemon law cases, I will not pay you anything until I take over your case, and I usually offer clients the option to defer payment until your case is settled. In most lemon law cases, the manufacturer will pay all attorney fees and court costs as part of any settlement.

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California’s lemon law protects consumers who buy or lease new or used vehicles in California that come with a written warranty.

Has your new or used car been in the shop repeatedly for warranty issues that the dealer couldn’t fix? If so, you may have a lemon claim

Have you had a new or used car in the shop for a warranty issue and the dealer failed to initiate the repair within a reasonable amount of time or complete the repair within 30 days? If so, you may have a lemon claim

Have you had a serious fault in the first year of your new car? If so, you may have a claim even though you never asked for it to be fixed

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I attended law school at UCLA in 1991 and graduated sixth in a class of about 300 in 1995.

In 1995, I opened my own firm and began representing clients in California auto law and consumer fraud cases. Since 1995, I have handled over 1,000 lemon cases in California.

I have been instrumental in the development of the California Lemon Law and my efforts have resulted in numerous decisions published by the United States District Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, California Court of Appeals and California Supreme Court. Some Common Lemon Law Questions and Answers However, everyone’s situation is different, so if you have additional questions schedule your free consultation to speak with an experienced Southern California attorney.

California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County

California’s Lemon Law, also known as the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Law, protects consumers when they purchase a vehicle or product that the manufacturer cannot repair under warranty.

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One thing to keep in mind – just because you’re not technically skilled doesn’t automatically mean you have a good case. Factors such as repair time at the dealership, number of repair visits, and how strong your case is determine how significant the issue is.

Generally, if you have a lemon, you are entitled to a buyback (also called a redemption) or replacement. Depending on whether you have a car or an RV, the rules vary about what you can claim before a lawsuit. For example, if you own an RV and ask the manufacturer to take the RV back (before a lawsuit is filed), the manufacturer can offer you an RV and comply with the lemon law.

If you rented your car, you may qualify for the lemon law As long as the repair is under your manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to build a case

Yes they do The RV industry is booming which has created a high demand Unfortunately to keep up with the demand more and more lemons are slipping through the cracks of quality control so RV lemons are more common than ever!

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RVs qualify under a different section of the lemon law, so if you think you might have an RV lemon, be sure to talk to an attorney experienced in handling RV lemon law cases to make sure you get every penny!

Fortunately, the Song Beverly Consumer Guarantee Act (Lemon Law) is based on consumer protection, which means that the manufacturer pays for your attorney’s fees and costs. You pay nothing out of pocket for attorneys’ fees and costs

Unlike other lemon law firms, at West Coast Lemon we do not charge our clients contingency fees. Our goal is to make you healthy again, not to take your money

California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County

A buyback, also known as a buyback, consists of the down payment, payments, out-of-pocket repair costs, towing, rental and loan repayments, less mileage allowances and any aftermarket additions.

Lemon Law Settlement Process In California

Unfortunately The Lemon Law does not provide for lost wages or pain and suffering for your lemon related inconvenience. However, the lemon law provides for a civil penalty if there is a willful violation of the lemon law.

Civil Penalty for Willful Lemon Law Violations Manufacturers hate paying civil penalties, so your best bet is to have an experienced attorney fight to get you every penny!

The information on this website is for general information and promotional purposes only and is not intended to be considered legal advice. Use of this website or contact form does not create an attorney client relationship West Coast Lemons makes no representation that any of its attorneys has been certified as an expert in any area of ​​law by any of the Department’s legal experts. Testimonials, reviews or articles found on this site are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction as to the outcome of your legal matter. Buying a new or used car can be very frustrating as it needs constant repairs Fortunately, our experienced Orange County lemon law attorneys can help Kali Lemon Attorneys is dedicated to making sure your lemon law rights are protected and that you will save money. Qualify below and receive compensation for your defective vehicle

Lemonade Lawyers is a full-service law firm that represents Orange County consumers who have sold a defective lemonade-eligible vehicle. Our services include submitting all necessary documents on your behalf, investigating lemon law claims for your vehicle and vehicle, liaising with the manufacturer to negotiate refunds and ensuring the whole process runs smoothly. With an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney on your side, you’re more likely to receive fair compensation – plus, you won’t have to worry about handling the entire legal process yourself. Our lemon law attorneys have successfully handled thousands of lemon law cases in California!

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If you’re having car trouble because you bought a lemon, our law firm is ready to help you get legal compensation. Contact us now for a free consultation

If you’re having car trouble because you bought a lemon, our law firm is ready to help you get legal compensation. Contact us now for a free consultation

Dealing with a lemon can be very stressful Our Orange County lemon law attorneys are helpful, informative and straightforward We will stand by your side and handle the legal aspects of your California lemon claim. You will always be informed and informed throughout the process

California Lemon Law Attorney Orange County

Regarding our fees, our lemon law experts work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not pay us any legal fees until we successfully help you recover under the California lemon law. See if you qualify for a claim in five minutes or less!

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Michelle is a class act She helped me with my lemon case in the most professional and courteous manner Prestige Legal is the best in the business to help you navigate any legal issue you may have I highly recommend working with Michelle, which is extremely effective – won my case with lemons when it did the job quickly and easily for me. CLL is the solution for those looking for a top lawyer

So thank you to attorneys like Michelle who are truly willing to help people like me and only have the client’s best interests at heart. The best part of all of this is that there is no charge to me I don’t understand how this is not so well known to many, but if they can help me they can help you! If you think you have a lemon, call our lemon law attorneys tomorrow

I bought a vehicle, which I sold because of all the problems I was having – I didn’t know you could make a claim without owning the vehicle anymore, but Michelle informed me of my rights and I was able to accept. Refund for my already sold vehicle! I could not be more pleased with the legal services Michelle and her team provided Look no further, call CLL and see what they can do for you!

This extends to the chassis, chassis cab and drivetrain of motorhomes, including dealer-owned vehicles. Commercial vehicles are

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