Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

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Car Accident Attorney Staten Island – We pride ourselves on our slogan “Putting You First” and are dedicated to providing the best legal services in personal injury law. If you have been wrongfully injured, it is important that your case is handled with care and there is no better way than through the proven attorneys of the Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner P.C.

Staten Island Auto Accident Lawyers: Motor vehicle accidents are a major concern, with the number of vehicles on the road and high speeds being factors. Motorcyclists have a higher risk of injury because they do not wear protective equipment such as helmets or seat belts.

Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

Motor vehicle accidents can be very serious due to the frequency in today’s society, as well as people who do not wear safety equipment such as motorcycle helmets and seat belts, when driving buses, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc. when someone has an accident

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Slip, Trip, and Fall Lawyers in Staten Island: Falls, whether due to tripping, slipping or other reasons are some of the most common types of accidents that cause injuries. If you are injured on the sidewalk (or municipal property), you can seek legal aid for your injuries and recovery costs if it is in an area owned by the city government.

When living in a large metropolitan area like New York City where many public spaces such as streets and sidewalks are built for pedestrians during the day and evening at night – people should always be careful when walking in these areas because they can experience slips and falls. because surfaces are dangerous more often than not.

Staten Island Premises Liability Lawyers: When we enter a building, warehouse or other place during our daily commute to work and school, everything seems to be safe. But this is not always the case, and if you are injured while in this building there may be something wrong with them at fault for your injury.

Injuries are often caused by some defects in the structure of the building, but sometimes they can also occur from things inside, such as protruding objects where people can enter without seeing what is behind them, due to low lighting conditions. in the facility. himself

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Staten Island dog bite attorney: If you have ever been bitten by a dog in New York, contact an attorney who specializes in animal attack cases. If your injuries are severe and require hospitalization, the dog owner will have strict liability for medical bills. Additionally, if you believe that there is cause for legal action against another person or entity because they are responsible for your injuries due to their negligence (such as not properly securing your pet), then it is a good idea to advise them on your next steps. with someone who has experience handling these types of situations before proceeding further without representation from an attorney familiar with the unique laws in this area

According to NY dog bite law, if a person is bitten by a dog and injured, the owner of the dog will be heavily responsible for paying the injured person’s medical bills if the person is not covered by insurance.

Staten Island Wrongful Death Attorney: Pursuing a wrongful death action is not easy. It doesn’t necessarily make you better off, but it can provide financial security for your family for years to come and create a safer community by giving people responsibility.

Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

Staten Island Construction Accident Lawyer: Construction can be dangerous, and falls from a height are no exception. At first, many accidents appear to be due to the negligence of co-workers or supervisors; However, according to certain labor laws, building owners and their agents must provide safety equipment to prevent workers from injuries caused by fall hazards in high workplaces. Absolute liability applies when the worker’s own fault causes an accident even on the site – even if only due to carelessness, such as climbing a ladder without proper support elsewhere.

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Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured because they use inappropriate or dangerous materials for the job when they are not supervised. Building owners must take steps to provide adequate tools to prevent injury to people on site

Staten Island Medical Tort Attorney: For a medical malpractice case to be successful, the injured party must prove that the doctor or hospital deviated from good and accepted medical practice in order to win. Without this information, which is confirmed by expert witnesses on behalf of the plaintiff, it is almost impossible, if not almost impossible, for people who are injured due to substandard care in facilities like The Hospital Corporation Of America ( HCA) who always see. justice. served

Staten Island Police Brutality Lawyer: Every day, the NYPD puts their lives on the line to enforce the law and protect citizens. But every now and then an official will abuse his power, which can be verbal or physical attacks. If you have been injured in any way by one of these officers, you may be able to receive monetary compensation – if not from your local police department, then through a civil lawsuit against them with the help of a personal injury attorney like us.

Disclaimer: Any case outcome information provided in this section of the website should not be construed as a promise of a specific outcome in future cases.

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Contact our firm and speak to an attorney immediately. We treat each case individually. For aggressive and attentive representation, place the Law Offices of Stuart Kerner P.C. by your side today!

Continue on I-278 E. Take I-478 N, FDR Dr and I-87 N to W 230th St in the Bronx. Take exit 10 from I-87 N

Continue left at the intersection, follow signs for FDR Dr / East Side / Staten Is Ferry and merge onto West St.

Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C. representing and protecting clients in New York City for over 15 years. During this time, we have built a successful reputation and received many awards. Our company is committed to providing exceptional service and representation, but more importantly, we provide an experienced team that has your back, 100%. Staten Island Slip and Fall Attorneys When Negligence Causes Your Fall, Staten Island Slip and Fall Attorneys Protect You. Your right

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Although slip and fall accidents are sometimes considered minor accidents, they can cause serious injuries such as fractures and sprains or concussions. Our Staten Island slip and fall attorneys have experience with such cases and understand how, in a brief moment, a fall can change a life.

Imagine walking into your favorite Staten Island restaurant. Shortly after arriving, go to the bathroom. Suddenly, jump, and quickly, you are lying on your back. You see a puddle of water. You also notice that you are injured: maybe your coccyx is broken or you hit your head.

Or, maybe you’re climbing the outdoor stairs and into a building when you step onto treacherous ice in the middle of a Staten Island winter. If the owner of the building has not cleared the road from ice and snow, just entering the building can be dangerous.

If you fell and were injured because your walkway, ramp or stairs were in poor condition due to negligence, you may need to file a Staten Island slip & fall claim.

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No two cases are the same, so experience is required for a successful slip and fail process. Slip and fall attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases and obtained numerous settlements for their clients. Call us today for a free consultation with a Staten Island slip and fall attorney at (212) 563-1900.

What to do after an accident and fall? Get Medical Attention, Keep Calm, and Call a Staten Island Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have fallen, then your safety is the most important thing. A fall can cause all kinds of injuries, many of which can be worse if you move the wrong way or even at all. That’s why it’s important to stay calm and do a self-assessment of your injuries. Do you feel pain when you move any part of your body? Do you have an abrasion? Most importantly, did you hit your head? If you have suffered a head injury, you should take extra care to determine the extent of any damage.

Car Accident Attorney Staten Island

Seeking immediate medical attention will help keep your injuries from getting worse. Doing so will also put your injury on the official record. Documentation of damage received is essential in proving slip and fall cases in Staten Island. Without official medical records detailing your injuries, you cannot claim compensation.

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Also, if you wait to file your injury a few days after the incident, your case may be weaker. An opposing attorney will argue that your injuries are possible