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Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx – Four administrators at Trinity were arrested in February 2022 for failure to report neglect or abuse with intent to conceal.

In the latest update, the four defendants — Todd Freese, Shelby Hammer, Crystal Myers and Adrian Clifton — were listed as employees of the Trinity website.

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

The affidavit indicates the arrest of a female student under the age of 14 who reported multiple sexual assaults beginning in September 2019.

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Their trial will begin on April 17, 2023. In court documents signed by the judge regarding the status of the trial, “these matters are expected to continue until the conclusion of the jury trial on April 24.”

The witness list includes Midland Police officers, other school administrators, child abuse experts, digital media experts and more.

A reporter from NewsWest9 will be present in the courtroom during the hearing. For the latest information on court proceedings, see this article.

After that, the judges were released around 1:00 p.m. and is expected back in court at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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All 12 jurors were sworn in with two alternates. Half of the group were men, and the other half were women.

In a very brief opening statement, the lawsuit argued that teachers and administrators must ensure the safety of students while at school. The prosecutor’s office said that these managers did not do this. They said the young girl who complained of being sexually assaulted was mentally and physically traumatized by the incident.

The first is Frank Sellers, who is Crystal Myers’ attorney. In opening statements, Sellers suggested that none of the other students corroborated the teenager’s story and that the administration had no intention of hiding anything.

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

He also suggests that Midland Police Detective Jenny Alonso took the teenager’s mother at her word about what happened and arrested her pending further investigation.

Midland Trinity Employees Indicted By Grand Jury

Dan Hurley, Todd Freese’s attorney, spoke of Freese’s good qualities as an educator, father, husband and grandfather. Gurley said there was nothing to report, and Deans’ mother emailed Freese about how well she handled the situation.

Shelby Hammer’s attorney, Brian Carney, spoke publicly about the executives’ arrests and said he was denied access to them for some time after they were arrested. Carney also suggested Hammer had no reason to believe there was anything to report.

Adrian Clifton’s lawyer, Allison Clayton, suggested that Clifton had nothing to do with it. Clayton said Clifton was involved in two administrative meetings about the school’s policy with the teenager’s parents and the parents of the person who allegedly touched the teenager’s child. Shelby also took notes for Hammer.

All three witnesses appeared before the court. They include a records investigator for the Department of Family and Protective Services, a program coordinator for the Midland Center for Children’s Rape and Crisis Advocacy and a young woman who reported sexual abuse.

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The applicant claimed that in 2019, a boy groped her buttocks and breasts at school. The touching escalated and the boy allegedly unbuttoned her pants and touched her groin under her underwear.

The teenager told a classmate about what happened, who went to see an administrator named Todd Freese. He said he called Freese’s office about the incident and told him what happened. She said the boy was also invited.

The teenager said she had a meeting with Crystal Myers, Freeze and another teacher. She said she was eventually kicked out of all her classes, along with the boy she said assaulted her.

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

She eventually decided to leave Trinity and transfer to another school because what she said affected her. After the Midland Christian School arrests, she said she wanted to tell her story. She was interviewed by the Midland Rape and Child Protection Crisis Centre.

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The defense then questioned the teenager, with Frank Sellers first asking things like whether she would ever make light of the situation or write about the investigation on social media. The young woman said no.

The teenager’s Tik Tok video was filmed by security forces. The first shots are a video of a teenager in a Newswest 9 article and a TikTok audio experiment from the TV show Euphoria.

The defense continued to cross-examine the young man until the case was adjourned. It will continue on Thursday at 8:30.

Frank Sellers and the guards picked up where they had left off the night before, joining the complaining teenagers in the stands.

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The defense repeated statements made by Dean on Wednesday, who said he never had an attraction to the boy and that the abuse was frequent.

The teenager said she didn’t tell her parents the whole truth until later, but told CPS the exact whole truth. He noted that he did not think that anyone would believe him.

On February 22, 2022, the defense began playing a video of the teenager’s interview with the Midland Rape and Child Advocacy Center’s program coordinator.

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

The video lasts about an hour and a half, in which she describes her sexual encounters with the boy, which she says took place every day for four months.

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In the video, the teenager said that the latest incident was bad timing. She said it was in Spanish class where this happened a lot and they were working on a project together.

The boy grabbed the girl’s leg and slowly raised his hand. He unbuckled her belt and began to unzip her pants. “Help,” she said to her classmate sitting next to her.

The student burst out laughing, not knowing what was happening. After reviewing the classroom layout, the security team questioned this.

After the lessons, the teenager said, she took everything and left. She broke down in the hall and told her friend about it, warning her not to tell anyone. Friend Dean Todd told Freese.

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According to reports, during physical education, the boy was sent to the dean’s office, and he returned angry. Only the next day, the teenager was called to the office, where she told the dean everything that happened from September 2019 to December 2019.

She recounted several incidents of harassment, including in physical education and Spanish classes. As she noted, the boy was tall, muscular and unstoppable as he was the star quarterback on the football team.

She thought that everyone would believe him and not her. She felt like “a cheerleader who told a lot of lies.”

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

That’s when he first described the harassment. During a Spanish class in September 2019, she said he grabbed her ass as they were leaving class.

All Charges Dismissed Against Midland Trinity Administrators

“Want to make it a daily thing?” To which the young woman replied: “Of course.” He explained that she was young, about 12 years old, and at that time she did not know what sexual abuse was.

As she pointed out that many situations were her fault, and early on he asked her, “Can I do more?” She will answer yes. She pointed out that it was early and reiterated that she was 12, she didn’t know what was going on and she thought he was in love with her.

She said she didn’t actually tell him no, she just looked at him in a certain way to show she didn’t like it. She said she didn’t want him to hate her.

She also mentions in the video how she fell in love with him in August, before the attacks began.

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After speaking with the dean, she reportedly met with High School Principal Crystal Myers. The teenager said she never spoke to the school’s principal, Shelby Hammer, but her family did.

The defense called for a recess and filed a motion for a mistrial, which the judge denied. The judge said there was no gag order, and when the jurors returned, the judge told them to ignore the last statement about the gag order.

Most people asked where she specifically touched. The guard was not touching the pubic bone, but the pubic bone, and the teenager agreed.

Ed Shelby Attorney Midland Tx

The defense asked the teenager if there were certain people her parents did not want to pursue, to which the teenager said yes. These two administrators are Adrian Clifton and Crystal Myers.

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The day ended with a forensic digital analyst engaged by the state collecting digital evidence from the executives following their arrest and his involvement in the case.

The day has begun