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Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio – Major Payouts: San Antonio Major Crimes Officers Can Begin Filing Tax Charges In the past 10 years, the city of San Antonio has paid a total of $1,566,300 to settle allegations of police violence and misconduct , based on the information received as of now.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is representing Emily Proulx, the girlfriend of Erik Cantu, the unarmed San Antonio teenager killed in October by a former SAPD officer.

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

Two weeks ago, the nation rallied in horror when body camera footage released by the Memphis Police Department showed officers dispatching a terrorist to an unarmed black man, Tire Nichols.

Retired San Antonio Detective Arrested In Waco Twin Peaks Brawl Fired From Nisd Bus Driving Job

Nichols’ death at the hands of Memphis police is just the latest case to make national headlines in recent years, joining George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. The town of Alamo is no exception.

Last summer, a San Antonio police officer shot and killed unarmed 13-year-old AJ Hernandez, saying the teenager was in danger of hitting him with a stolen car. Hernandez is the second civilian killed by the same officer in two years.

In October, national outrage swirled around the police shooting of Erik Cantu, an unarmed 17-year-old who had been seriously injured. A later fired SAPD officer is now charged with attempted murder for shooting Cantu multiple times after he arrived in a McDonald’s parking lot to question him about an alleged escape attempt captured the night before.

According to data obtained by The Instant No. The highest of these went to the estate of Jesse Aguirre, which last summer received $466,300.

San Antonio Register (san Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 44, No. 1, Ed. 1 Friday, June 20, 1975

Aguirre died in 2013 after an atrio of SAPD officers put their weight on him for five and a half minutes, according to city records, prompting some observers to call him “George Floyd of San Antonio “.

However, Aguirre’s settlement was less than the $27 million Floyd estate received from the city of Minneapolis. The case has also sparked controversial news outside of Bexar County.

The arrival of attorneys Lee Merritt and Ben Crump to represent the families of Hernandez and Cantu, respectively, does not speak to the national awareness of police accountability. A slide from the Black Lives Matter movement could bring unprecedented scrutiny. Allegations of police brutality in San Antonio.

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

“I won’t say that the quality of the lawyer doesn’t make a difference, because it is possible and possible,” said St. Gerald Reamey, a Mary’s University attorney and law enforcement officer, said so far. “If you look at the record of a lawyer representing a plaintiff in a successful case, you want more and you settle for a higher number.”

Alamo City Brokers

Aguirre was represented by San Antonio attorney Edward Pina. Although Pina is a Harvard Law School graduate with a reputation, his name doesn’t garner the same national attention as Crump or Merritt.

Crump, based in Florida, has represented the families of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Keenan Anderson and, most recently, Tire Nichols. In total, the attorney landed a personal injury settlement of $641 million, according to his law firm’s website.

The Merritt firm of Philadelphia also represents the Floyd family, as well as those of Botham Jean, the 26-year-old man shot dead in his apartment by Dallas police, and Ahmaud Arbery, the 25-year-old jogger shot and killed after murder . chased through a Georgia village by three white men.

Beyond the incredible record of the two lawyers, they questioned the national media. That puts pressure on the city to fix the problem, Reamey said.

Jesse Aguirre’s Family Hoping For Justice For Loved One Who Died In Police Custody In 2013

“The media is a big part of it. If you get the George Floyd case, the city will have an incentive to fix it,” he said. “If you get a case like this and it goes to a jury, what do you think the jury is going to do? Especially with this powerful video.”

Another major difference between the past cases of SAPD misconduct and those of Hernandez and Cantu is the national narrative of race and policing the Black Lives Matter backslide.

In San Antonio, the change in attitude was evident with the arrival of the Proposition 4 SA Policing Improvement Advisory Group and the failure of Proposition B in 2021, a citywide general vote that would have eliminated the ability of city police officers to participate in negotiations. . The strategy was defeated by a very thin margin of 2%.

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

Act 4 SA, led by founder Ananda Tomas, now appears to have garnered enough signatures to put an initiative on the May ballot that would ban police chokeholds and no restrictions.

Edward L Pina

Last month, the nonprofit launched an online database funded by the Urban Institute and the Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative to track officers without correct papers.

The platform seeks to solve the problem of so-called “roaming cops” – people fired in one city who manage to find the law in another.

“I’ve always said that San Antonio is ground zero for police reform,” said Act 4 SA director Tomas. “Our law enforcement contracts are used as the rubric and standard across the country because they are the most effective and protective. These types of protections – and we have one of the highest rates in the country for fired police officers – which means . justice and crime.”

Nationally, cities spent more than $1.5 billion to address issues related to police brutality between 2010 and 2020, according to a recent Washington Post survey of 25 of the largest police departments and country police.

Christus Santa Rosa Prevails In Defamation Suit

While the Post’s calculation of numbers doesn’t include San Antonio, local numbers show the city’s willingness to pay is on the rise.

The results of the previous two settlements between the city and the housing of victims of police brutality are greater than the previous three combined.

Although this payment is usually covered by insurance, taxpayers will still pay the cost because the money is enough to cover the city’s costs.

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

“Some cities are going to have to take action to commit to paying for these settlements,” Reamey said. “And if you’re a taxpayer in a city where this happens regularly, I’m going to want a lot of answers from the local police.”

Obituary Information For Ben Alton Wallis, Jr

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Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

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Arteaga, elected since 2008 to the 57th judicial district, a federal court, describes himself as a lawyer with a high career. He said it is not easy to accept support from lawyers who can appear in his court, as it gives everyone a “level playing field”.

Edward Pina Attorney San Antonio

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