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Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys – Do I need a car accident lawyer or a truck accident lawyer if my car is rear-ended by a commercial truck?

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, the legal process is a bit more complicated than in a “typical” car accident. When it comes to commercial trucks, there are different laws, parties and skills that make it even more complicated.

Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

After a two-car collision, the police will usually compile an accident report, take photos at the scene and preserve any necessary evidence. However, when a commercial truck is involved, a more thorough inspection is involved.

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Commercial trucks, tractors and semi-trucks must comply with certain safety regulations and industry standards. After a commercial truck accident, there are several types of evidence that must be collected:

Accessing and verifying this evidence is critical to determining whether drivers and trucking companies are following safety regulations. It also helps to determine the cause of the accident and the mental state of the driver during the hours and days of the accident. (For example, a check of a driver’s hours of service record may show that he has driven 12 consecutive hours, which would be a violation of the FMCSA hours of service rule. Accident.)

Even in trucking accidents, the time to get evidence varies. Federal motor vehicle safety regulations mandate the retention of certain records for a period of time but subsequent disposal. You may have a two-year window to file a personal injury lawsuit, and if you wait too long, this important evidence may be thrown out.

Trucking accidents also deal with parties who bear more responsibility. A single trucking business may have multiple owners, including:

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Obviously, there are several variables involved in a truck accident. At the end of the day, hiring a car accident attorney versus a truck accident attorney comes down to knowledge and experience. As long as the attorney has experience with the trucking laws in your state, extensive evidence and investigative resources, and experience with commercial trucking accidents, he should be able to handle the case. To help us assess your situation as accurately as possible.

Essex County NJ accident attorneys pursue the highest compensation for injuries caused by negligence in Essex County and throughout New Jersey.

For more than 60 years, our Essex County personal injury attorneys have helped clients obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. We handle all types of personal injury cases including slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, and motor vehicle accidents in a group law practice. In addition, we offer every customer a 100% free consultation, where we discuss the individual details of your situation and how we can help you get justice.

Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

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“What’s important to me is ‘me’. My lawyer is very personable and I feel very comfortable discussing all my problems with him. He was very accommodating and I never felt stressed about how many times a day I had. call. My compensation was reasonable and I was very happy. This is the place to file a personal injury case. “My family and I thank you very much.”

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In order to receive maximum compensation, it is important to hire the best accident attorney in Essex County, NJ to represent your case. You need to hire the most experienced team of attorneys and make sure you get the best team of attorneys with a track record of personal injury case results.

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Essex County is a county in northeastern New Jersey. According to 2019 census estimates, the county has a population of 798,975, making it the third largest county in the state. In 2010, the county ranked third behind Middlesex County and was one of only two counties in the state to experience a decline between 2000 and 2010. Its county seat is Newark, the state’s most populous city. It is part of the New York City area. The Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked the county 94th in per capita income out of 3,113 counties in the United States in 2009 (and seventh in New Jersey).

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Compensation falls into three basic categories: (1) economic damages, (2) non-economic damages, and (3) punitive damages. Punitive damages are limited in cases where the defendant intentionally harmed you or acted. In other cases, including existing damages

Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

For your costs and expenses, such as medical bills, physical therapy, property damage, lost wages, etc. and

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The answer to this question varies from case to case. You should not settle without first speaking with a personal injury attorney. However, whether you qualify depends on the insurance company’s recommendation. You want to make sure that any settlement award covers all of your future expenses, not just your current expenses. Our accident attorneys in Essex County, NJ are here to negotiate with the insurance company and try to reach a fair settlement. If the insurance company refuses to settle for a reasonable amount, we are fully prepared to file a lawsuit to protect your rights.

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Car accidents are the most common type of car accident. Unfortunately, these accidents are usually more than a trip to the local auto body shop. In 2019 alone, more than 500 people died in New Jersey car accidents. This is unacceptable. Unfortunately, most of these accidents could have been avoided if drivers had simply followed the rules of the road. That being said, if you or someone you know has recently been injured in a car accident due to your fault, you may have a valid personal injury claim, so you should definitely talk to an attorney. An Essex County car accident attorney.

Our company is here to help. We know how important this is to you, and we take our client representation responsibilities seriously. We are dedicated legal professionals. Read on and contact an experienced car accident attorney at Rubenstein, Berliner & Schinrod, LLC to learn how we can help you at every stage of your personal injury case.

Rear End Collisions: Physics, Injuries, & Recovery

Car accidents happen for many different reasons, such as bad weather conditions, neglected/maintained roads, etc. However, the most common cause of car accidents is driver negligence. The most common types of driver negligence today are:

If you were injured and the other driver did one of the above during the accident, your chances of receiving financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit are very good.

Car accidents come in many forms, however, the most common car accidents our company handles are:

Essex Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

If you are in a car accident, there is nothing you can do but wait for the police to arrive on the scene. However, if you are physically able, you should take the following steps to document the accident and increase your chances of winning a future personal injury claim:

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When another person is injured as a result of a negligent motor vehicle, that person usually calls the negligent party’s insurance company. That said, if you’re injured in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance, you may be confused and unsure of what to expect.