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Isaiah Jackson Attorney Midland Tx – 2 of 6 Midland attorneys run for district judge Justice 441 9/08/17 Tim Fischer/Reporter-TelegramTim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram Show More Show Less

5 of 6 Jeff Robnett, a candidate for the 441st Judicial Circuit, photographed Nov. 28, 2017. James Durbin/Reporter-TelegramJames DurbinShow moreShow less

Isaiah Jackson Attorney Midland Tx

Isaiah Jackson Attorney Midland Tx

1. With over 15 years in the District Attorney’s Office Sometimes the Attorney General handles cases alone. (successful in over 300 criminal charges in 12 months) I have 17 years in private practice and practice in the entire field. I have tried over 200 jury trials (civil and criminal) and written over 200 appellate briefs, and appeared in oral arguments (8

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2. Like other courts The most pressing issues tend to be issues of caseload, case management and case resolution. An increasing number of cases (mainly criminal class action cases) require a competent and experienced judge to handle the case. The ability to handle litigation efficiently and effectively with patience, dignity and fairness is essential. The number of probation revocations adds to the large number of criminal jury indictments. So an effective way to handle non-jury issues must be resource management. which I believe comes from extensive judicial experience. By recognizing the time and resource constraints of attorneys, the court was able to plan time efficiently and move cases efficiently. and then working privately as a sole practitioner I believe I will be able to work with the District Attorney’s Office and Probation Department more effectively than someone with less experience.

3. I believe that Judge Satterwhite has done an excellent job of managing his court. And the continuation of what he set up for the most part will continue to go well. I intend to have several cases in rotation, with incarcerated defendants moving to the top of the sentencing list. I also want to have regular non-jury weeks to deal with the increasing number of probation revocations, things that can be resolved without court intervention. Agreed matters can be dealt with more quickly. and informal meetings of lawyers (in which Judge John The deceased Hyde began) will begin again. There are some who insist that the “criminal justice system” is broken, but only because something is difficult. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Those who know me know my work ethic. And I want to consider the same work ethic.

1. I am a calm, patient, ethical and hard working lawyer with 17 years of civil trial experience, highly concentrated in complex commercial and oil and gas cases. I got family law experience from a professional lawyer. I work as a researcher and technical writer of complex criminal cases for the Association of Certified Fraud Investigators. As a shareholder of the Stubbeman Law Firm, I make decisions on budgets, salaries and workplace management issues.

2. In 2004, Judge Satterwhite brought his extensive knowledge of complex commercial and oil and gas litigation to our court. His experience adds to our field the knowledge we still need after retirement. Because oil and gas is our biggest industry. which affects almost every citizen in one form or another. Oil and gas laws are so important in our county. We need judges with strong backgrounds in this area of ​​law to serve our community.

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I am the only candidate with this background. I was successful in court cases and helping oil and gas clients. For 17 years I have also helped manage my law firms and staff. And this experience is important and essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of our courts.

I will make a decisive decision and act quickly. I will work hard Make decisions in a timely manner so that different cases can proceed My behavior is generous. fair and stable I have largely gained the trust and support of our local lawyers to confirm this. I am the best candidate for the job. Please select for me on March 6th.

And all justice comes in unison. Honesty Work Ethic, Generosity and Courage I want to prepare well for any story that goes to court. and maintain criminal and civil law and especially oil and gas legal principles. Either through self-study or participating in a continuing education program. My background in the complex oil and gas process is critical to key industries in our county. And my experience will be critical to ensure a well-rounded and fair decision of the 441.

Isaiah Jackson Attorney Midland Tx

Furthermore, I have no agenda other than hearing both sides, reading summaries, inquiries and all responses. and apply law and judicial analysis to the situation. I do not hesitate to judge. I have the courage not only to call the ball and attack as I see it. But also do what the law requires.

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1. Dinah Gaines was my mentor. Dinah is an attorney at the Bexar County District Court. Dinah taught me to deal with the less public issues facing district judges along with routine legal matters. I manage my own successful law firm. The State Bar of Texas provides leadership training for a year through the Leadership SBOT program. My family prays together every morning.

2. The recurring problems with synchronization have led me to believe that the Midland County Courthouse lacks the tools to perform optimally. I would like to see more integration between components. of computer systems in our area Midland County and County Clerk’s Office Regional Incident Responder and the Midland County Detention Center must be able to communicate electronically. Different operating systems and levels of access to these systems It can be difficult to achieve even the simplest tasks. Seamless integration of computer systems can make great strides in opening up the docket for new lawsuits instead of looking back to settle old ones.

Midland County’s IT department is second to none. The staff took me to tour their facilities. He pointed out state-of-the-art equipment and educated me on steps to avoid power outages in an emergency, such as a sudden power outage. as a judge I will support the IT department with the necessary capital and personnel to maintain a high level of competence. The tool must match the skill of the operator.

3. IRJ LAW, PLLC is a paperless law firm. My room will be paperless. I am a fast reader and type 70+ wpm electronic data storage and management is now. not in the future My employees do not print documents for downstream administrators only to scan and destroy.

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Accurate knowledge of criminal law helps to determine the appropriate level of crime in the case. simple error must be reassigned to another attorney Errors often go unnoticed until the attorney completes a significant amount of work. which must be compensated As a result, the tax payer’s money is misused.

My goal was to carefully examine each document through the 441 District Court of Texas on my way to the Midland County Clerk. The District Court Chief Judge has ultimate responsibility for performance. I will not defer to the 441st District Court for random performance.

1. 30 years of trial work as a trial lawyer qualifies me for the 441st judge, trial jury trials, and judge in all areas of law – most importantly criminal and civil law – which is what this court deals with.

Isaiah Jackson Attorney Midland Tx

2. The messy case is the most pressing issue for this court and all the courts in Midland County. It will get busier in the coming years as the oil and gas industry moves. Unfortunately, economic times mean crime. Especially theft and drug/alcohol crimes. and civil litigation My continued hard work as the next judge of this court and an effective docket control plan are key to confronting these issues.

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3. As stated in clause 2, my continued hard work as the next judge of this court And an effective case control plan is the key to confronting these issues. But each case is unique and deserves the right timing. Preferably in the process if necessary. From the court for fairness and justice for all parties.1 of 6 Jeff Robbnett with his wife Dila and their children, Stormi, Jace Colt, Lilly and Oliver 03. /06/18 Tim Fischer/Reporter-TelegramTim Fischer/Midland Reporter-TelegramShow MoreShow Less

2 of 6 County Commissioner Robin Donnelly (right) talks with candidate Sean Guerrero for District Judge. Judicial District 441 (left) during election results on March 6, 2018, Midland County Annex. Guerrero finished second with 27.82 percent of the vote.James Durbin/Reporter-TelegramJames DurbinShow MoreShow Less

The Midlands High School grad fulfilled a longtime dream when he overcame four challenges to win the Republican nomination for the 441st District.

Robbnett received 6,066 of the total 11,765 votes, which not only secured the number one spot, but he received the 50 percent plus one vote needed to win the nomination. In second place with 27.82 percent of the votes are Wayne Frost and Isaiah Roby Jackson third. and fourth respectively.

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He will face Democrat Zara.