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Jarvis Antwine Attorney Baton Rouge – “…Frank Atkins’ attorney, Jarvis Antwine, argued that Atkins should have been charged with feticide….Assistant District Attorney Louise Hines responded on July 26 that Charity was not the unborn child when she died in 2012. Hines said the child was alive. He said that he died prematurely due to respiratory failure.

“We are grateful that the convictions and life sentences were upheld and that justice was served for Kayla and her family,” Hines said Monday…

Jarvis Antwine Attorney Baton Rouge

Jarvis Antwine Attorney Baton Rouge

“…five women and seven men voted 11-1 to charge Atkins with second-degree murder, rejecting a defense argument that Atkins should have been charged with feticide, which carries a 15-year sentence. A possible prison term. — defined as second-degree murder instead of first degree murder… Assistant District Attorney Louise Hines responded in her closing arguments that when Charity died on July 26, she was not an unborn child.

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“He was born and died alive. He breathed, he breathed, and then he died, Hines told the courtroom softly.

In her address to the jury Wednesday morning, prosecutor Louise Hines said surveillance video proved a murder.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. How much is a video?” – asked the jury. “You will see that any claims of self-defense are absurd. “The video is the unbiased truth.”

“DNA linked McCormick to the crime scene…” Attorney Louise Hines, the attorney, said in court on June 11, 2018.

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“Almoin Lamar Powell, 32, was convicted last summer of aggravated kidnapping, second-degree sexual battery and second-degree battery … During Powell’s trial, prosecutor Louise Hines claimed Powell took the victim to a ‘house of horrors.’ clinging to the water…”

“The victim’s testimony was aided by the presence of Diesel, a labrador/golden retriever mix who was there as an emotional support dog. Diesel, who works as a ‘facility dog’ for the district attorney’s office, made a small piece of local court history – a support dog never before seen in a jury trial in Baton Rouge. not used.

“Hines envisioned having a dog to accompany child victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, including court hearings.

Jarvis Antwine Attorney Baton Rouge

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