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Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx – Alberto R. Gonzales (born August 4, 1955) is an American attorney who served as the 80th Attorney General of the United States from 2005 to 2007 and is the highest-ranking American in the executive branch. until now.

He previously served as Texas Secretary of State, Texas Supreme Court Justice, and White House Counsel, becoming the first Hispanic to hold that office.

Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx

Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx

Gonzalez’s tenure as U.S. Attorney General was marked by controversy over warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens. and the legalization of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” later known as torture, the “9/11 Terrorism” of the U.S. government. Gonzalez also oversaw the firing of several US attorneys who had defied White House orders to prosecute political enemies, leading to political impeachment of the attorney general’s office.

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After being fired, Gonzalez resigned “in the interest of the service” on August 27, 2007, effective September 17, 2007.

In 2008, Gonzales started an interview and interview process. Additionally, he taught political science and served as a diversity officer at Texas Tech University. Gonzalez is currently dean of Belmont University College of Law in Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches National Security Law. He was previously of counsel at a law firm in Nashville – Waller Lansd Dortch & Davis, LLP – where he advised on special litigation matters, government investigations and regulatory matters. He often writes his opinions in national newspapers

San Antonio, Texas and grew up in Humble, Texas, a town outside of Houston. Originally from Mexico, he was the second of eight children born to Maria (Rodriguez) and Pablo M. Gonzalez.

His father, who died in 1982, was a migrant worker and construction worker with a secondary education. His mother worked at home raising eight children and had a sixth grade education. Gonzalez and his family lived in a small two-room house built by his father and uncle, without a telephone or hot water.

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According to Gonzalez, he does not know if there are any immigration documents for his three grandparents who were born in Mexico and may have lived and lived legally in the United States.

A graduate of MacArthur High School in unnamed Harris County, Gonzales enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1973, serving a four-year enlistment. He served a year at a remote radar station with 100 other GIs at Fort Yukon, Alaska. He was released from duty to attend the USAFA Prep School and found time to attend the United States Air Force Academy.

Before the start of his third year at the school, which would have given him more service responsibilities, he left the Academy and was released from his roster contract. He transferred to Rice University in Houston, where he was a resident of Lovett College.

Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx

He would be named the Charles Parkhill Scholar in Political Science and was awarded a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in political science in 1979.

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Gonzales has been married twice: he and his first wife, Diane Clems, divorced in 1985. He and his second wife, Rebecca Turner Gonzales, have three sons.

Gonzalez was a private attorney from 1982 to 1994 at the Houston law firm Vinson and Elkins, where he became a partner – one of the first Hispanic partners in its history – and where he work primarily with corporate clients. In 1994, he was named general counsel to Texas Governor George W. Bush, who became Texas Secretary of State in 1997 and was subsequently elected to the Texas Supreme Court in 1999. , both appointed by Governor Bush. Gonzalez won his bid for a seat on the court in the 2000 Republican primary election and was subsequently elected to a full six-year term on the state Supreme Court in the November 2000 general election.

Gonzalez has been active in the community, serving as a board director or committee member for several non-profit organizations between 1985 and 1994.

In the legal arena, Gonzales provided pro bono legal services to the hosting committee for the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, served as a board director of the State Bar of Texas from 1991 to 1994, and was as a board trustee of the Texas Bar Foundation from 1996 to 1999. He has received numerous professional awards, including a Presidential Citation from the State Bar of Texas in 1997 in recognition of his dedication to address the basic legal needs of the poor. In 1999 he was named Latino Lawyer of the Year by the Spanish National Bar Association.

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Between 2002 and 2003, Gonzales was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus of Rice University and received the Harvard Law School Association Award, the John B Shepperd Public Leadership Institute Honoring a Texas Leader, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President, League of United Latin American Citizens President’s. Award, Gary L. McPherson Distinguished Alumni Award from the American Council of Young Political Leaders, Chairman’s Leadership Award from the Texas Association of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, Truinfador Award from the Foundation of Hispanic Studies, Hispanic Hero Award from the Association for the Advancemt of Mexican Americans, Good Neighbor Award from the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Lifetime Achievemt Award from the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas. In 2004, Gonzales was honored with the Exemplary Leader Award by the Houston American Leadership Conference. In 2005 he was awarded the Hector Barreto, Sr. Award. from the Latino Coalition and the President’s Award from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Since he was the son of early migrant workers, many believed that Gonzalez’s appointment as Attorney General of the United States was an example of the American dream. He was named Hispanic American of the Year by Hispano magazine in 2005 and one of the 25 most influential Hispanics in America by Time magazine. Gonzalez was inducted into the American Academy of Achievement in 2005.

Gonzalez received the Distinguished Leadership Award in 2006 from Leadership Houston. In 2007, upon his retirement from government service, he was awarded the Director’s Award by the Ctral Intelligce Agcy and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Awards for Distinguished Public Service.

Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx

On May 20, 2006, Houston Mayor Bill White announced “Alberto R. Gonzales” in Houston, in recognition of his contributions to the development of the city of Houston. Educational institutions have also recognized Gonzalez’s achievements. He received an Honorary Doctor of Laws in 2002 from the Catholic University of America.Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 2003 from Miami-Dade Community College.Honorary Doctor of Laws in 2005 from the University of the District of Columbia.Associate of Arts Honors Degree in 2005 from the Houston Community College System and the 2007 Distinguished Alumnus Award from Southern Methodist University.

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As counsel to Governor Bush, Gonzalez assisted Bush with jury duty when he was called in the 1996 Travis County drunken driving case. The case caused controversy during Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign because Bush’s answers to grand jury questions did not reveal Bush’s 1976 drunken driving conviction.

Gonzalez did not make a formal request for Bush to be released from the jury duty, but he did raise a potential conflict of interest because as Governor, Bush could be called upon to pardon a defendant. Gonzalez’s work in this case has been described as “a powerful lawyer.”

As an adviser to Governor Bush of Texas, Gonzalez also reviews all clemency applications. A 2003 article in The Atlantic Monthly argued that Gonzalez provided inadequate advice and failed to anticipate second-guessing and failed appeals. Gonzalez’s assistant general counsel from 1995 to 1999, Pete Wasdorf, also tried to mislead Gonzalez on what he described as an inaccurate and incomplete picture of the prosecution process under Bush.

According to Section II, Article 4 of the Texas Constitution, the Governor cannot grant a pardon or commute a death sentence except upon the recommendation of a majority vote of the Texas Board of Parole and Parole, so Bush is he was limited to giving grace if he wanted. to do it in one level. The fact remains that only one execution was reversed by Governor Bush, and the state of Texas executed more prisoners during Gonzalez’s administration than any other state. .

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As a White House adviser and later attorney general, Gonzalez served President George W. Bush during a period of growing controversy over the appropriateness of US policies in the war against terrorism. Gonzalez approved the legislative framework for the counterterrorism effort and was a staunch supporter of the White House strategy. He advocated for conditions that increase the power of the executive branch and reduce immunity for investigative matters. These decisions were clearly challenged by many experts and advocates of human rights and were partially overturned by the courts. He resigned after intense criticism over his handling of the firing of nine US attorneys and subsequent testimony during congressional hearings.

Gonzalez was a supporter of the Bush administration’s policy of torturing detainees, referred to internally as “interrogation techniques.”

In January 2002, Gonzalez wrote the memo

Lindsey Murray Attorney Lubbock Tx