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Mack Injury Attorneys San Antonio – As a personal injury attorney on the rise, Nathaniel Mack knows a thing or two about winning a battle against the odds. He did this when he built Mack Injury Attorneys into a firm with five offices in Texas. He regularly does this for his clients, winning them recognition and compensation for their pain and losses. And he doesn’t stop there.

When he’s not representing clients and fighting on their behalf, Nathaniel Mack is busy helping other people in his San Antonio community get a fighting chance to improve their lives. One of the ways he does this is through his work with Morone’s Boxing team.

Mack Injury Attorneys San Antonio

Mack Injury Attorneys San Antonio

“TMB is a boxing promotion in San Antonio, and I serve as their in-house advisor and sponsor,” said Nathaniel Mack. “We have a gym here in San Antonio, and our main mission is to help individuals on the street who may have gotten into trouble in the past or are just lost and need guidance.”

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The campaign, founded by Rick Morones Jr., allows people in urgent need to go to the gym and start boxing. Although boxing is a contact sport where people get hurt, the training does not necessarily teach people how to hit or hurt others more effectively. Most of the benefits of boxing training come from the work ethic, discipline and respect that the sport instills in those who practice it.

“It’s also about helping people stay fit and find ways to release that pent-up energy in a controlled environment,” says Nathaniel Mack. “We’ve also had a couple of guys start real boxing careers from the gym, which is fantastic.”

The effort put in by the entire TMB team and the people who rely on the program – in their hundreds – has slowly captured some of the biggest names in the sport. Ryan Garcia comes to the gym. The Charlo brothers noticed, as did Floyd Mayweather. Slowly word got around that something really special was going on at this gym in San Antonio.

“It all started with the idea of ​​helping the community, and that’s what it’s still about,” says Nathaniel Mack. “But now some big names have come on board, and it’s not something I expected to happen. But I’m glad he did.”

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Nathaniel Mack’s work often led him to consider the impact of people’s choices on entire societies. Most of his work stems from incidents involving official vehicles, where a single incident can easily affect families and wider groups of people.

“I’m one of the attorneys in a case against the Union Pacific Railroad in Houston, Texas, where we linked their use of creosote to preserve timber to an entire area designated as a cancer cluster,” he explains. “So one company’s practices have caused entire communities to suffer, and it’s a David and Goliath fight trying to get justice for these people now.”

As he has shown time and time again, Nathaniel Mack doesn’t stop fighting when he leaves office. In addition to helping people get a new lease on life with TMB, he also sponsors the San Antonio Kidney Foundation.

Mack Injury Attorneys San Antonio

“It’s an advocacy group that goes into poor communities, lower-income communities and educates them about the importance of kidney health, but also does free kidney tests throughout the city of San Antonio,” he explains. “We’ve teamed up with rapper Scarface and actor Reginald Ballard, famous for playing Bruh-Man, so they’re spokespeople for the charity.”

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The foundation is known for holding events in artistic parts of the city, but also for providing assistance and education to people who need it most. From handing out flyers to creating pop-up events where testing kits are available, Nathaniel Mack ensures the Foundation is where it’s needed with accurate information and help for the people who rely on it.

An average day in the life of Nathaniel Mack is hectic. A father of two, a successful lawyer and social activist, he has a lot on his plate and on his heart. However, he does not seem to be weighed down by all the responsibilities he has taken on.

“I’m a pretty busy, proactive guy. I’m always trying to take steps, I’m always trying to grow, I’m always trying to find ways to help the community around me, to improve myself, to develop my business,” he says. — One day must I probably slow down, and I’m already getting better at delegating things.One thing’s for sure—even when he’s slowed down, Nathaniel Mack hasn’t stopped caring or fighting for his community.