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Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth – The Tech Titans Awards were launched in 2001 by Tech Titans, the world’s largest technology advocacy organization. The prestigious annual competition rewards outstanding technology companies and individuals in the North Texas region who have contributed to both the local and tech industry over the past year. The Tech Titans Gala Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers who host the annual awards ceremony, and the competition’s judges are selected from a variety of technology disciplines, DFW field leaders, and past winners.

This award honors a North Texas technology visionary for outstanding leadership in supporting, advancing and accelerating technology industry activity and/or technology adoption in North Texas; for over ten years and moving away from private company/organization.

Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth

Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth

Moore serves as president of the Americas region and president and CEO of Fujitsu North America, which manages Fujitsu’s North America business group. He is a US patent holder and former Malcolm Baldrige auditor. He has held multiple roles in production, development, sales and marketing, and general management. Moore joined Fujitsu from AT&T Corporation in 1997, where he worked in development, quality assurance and sales for AT&T Network Systems (formerly Western Electric).

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The award is given to the CEO or divisional head of a technology company in North Texas with more than $200 million in revenue.

At DZS, Vogt brought an entrepreneurial, results-driven culture that drives disruptive innovation, aligns with the company’s customers and gains market share. After joining, Vogt immediately spearheaded a company-wide transformation to take advantage of what he calls “next generation growth” such as 5G/6G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and gaming. , metaverse and other related mega trends.

This award is given to an individual employed by a North Texas technology company for outstanding achievements in community service in the North Texas area.

Daniel built on the success of sports and fitness technology platform POWERHANDZ to create POWER TO BOWER, whose mission is to provide sports and academic programs to youth in underserved communities. This program is designed to help children develop as athletes or build a healthy foundation for healthy habits on a physical and personal level for adulthood. Additionally, Danielle has launched community programs, including a community program dedicated to increasing voter registration in communities with low voting power statistics, which focuses on eliminating inequalities in the sports and entertainment industries by involving women in strategic partnerships.

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This award recognizes a company for outstanding innovation and unparalleled achievement in the latest innovative technologies or the North Texas tech industry with over $200 million in revenue.

Brinker International, a fast-casual restaurant company, has a history of rapidly adopting technology to keep the multibillion-dollar, decade-old company afloat. At the height of the pandemic, the company quickly developed four technological innovations. The robot named “Rita” helps deliver food, drive buses and currently has 62 locations. Brinker is also currently testing high-density drone and rover deployments around university campuses. The IT team developed a manual ordering system for all restaurants in Chile, which led to improved customer service and increased tips for servers.

The award recognizes over $200 million in revenue to a company’s chief information officer or corporate technology or science officer for outstanding technical leadership in helping to develop or implement new technology that adds significant value to the company.

Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth

Gordon has been at the forefront of key technology solutions to expand access to AT&T’s 5G and Fiber networks. Under Gordon’s technical leadership, his team has provided leadership in the deployment of 5G+ over mmWave in dense locations, facilities, campuses and urban areas. This has resulted in higher network speeds and competitive advantage in key areas where network demand is high. Gordon believes transparency is a key component of his team’s success. Employees have a say and everyone is affected.

N Randall Cor, Elk City, Ok 73644

This award recognizes a company with at least $2 million in revenue but not more than $200 million, outstanding innovation and unparalleled achievement, new or potential breakthrough technology, or a company in the North Texas technology industry.

Aligned’s innovative Delta3 cooling technology is at the heart of affordable and waterless data centers. This innovative data center cooling technology has paved the way for sustainable connected financing, waterless data center design and strategic partnerships. It is committed to creating sustainable, energy-efficient data centers that minimize their environmental impact.

The award is given to the CEO of a North Texas-based technology company with revenues of at least $2 million but not exceeding $200 million.

Srii is a visionary in applying data analytics to compensation management. It has led Chargeback Gurus to break new ground in analyzing chargeback data, using that data to improve the efficiency of chargebacks, and giving customers access to more data and statistics than ever before. Under his leadership, Chargeback Gurus created a system that synthesizes machine intelligence and human experience to help merchants combat chargebacks more effectively, generating more than $1.5 billion in revenue for customers. Hiring decisions prioritized creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment by motivating and inspiring employees and tracking employee feedback.

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The award is given to a corporate chief of technology or science officer of a company with at least $2 million in revenue but not more than $200 million for specific technology leadership who has contributed significantly to the development of a new technology or to the company. .

Dr. Clark created HEWMEN®, a new type of artificial intelligence platform that empowers human intelligence with machine learning. HEWMEN is a human computing platform that combines human perception and unstructured problem-solving skills with raw computing power using an integrated network of volunteers for interactive entertainment. Clark has a PhD. The University of Texas at Arlington has extensive experience developing complex projects from cutting-edge platform technologies such as Electrical Engineering and Department of Defense research.

Robert Atkins, CEO, BALANCE Media | Technology (left) and award sponsor Dr. Richard Benson, President, UT Dallas (right)

Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth

The award is given to the CEO of a North Texas-based technology company with less than $2 million in revenue.

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Spark Biomedical, Inc. is a medical device developer and world leader in transcutaneous neurostimulation. Its flagship product, the Squirt Therapy System, is an FDA-approved, drug-free, wearable solution for opioid withdrawal relief. Bird Therapy was adopted by more than 40 behavioral health facilities in the first year it was commercialized, successfully treating hundreds of patients nationwide, and received a redemption code from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The new program, which will begin in 2023, will help veterans and other organizations that cannot afford opioids by donating Bird Therapy.

This award recognizes an individual or company for outstanding leadership in accelerating, supporting, advancing or accelerating technology industry activity in North Texas.

CEO Robin Brown has used his passion for technology to create a nonprofit whose mission is to introduce students to computer science and other STEM skills through hands-on learning and mentorship from industry experts. IdeaSpark Coding Clubs offer equal access to computer science learning through interactive projects led by volunteer mentors from companies in the Dallas area. According to Brown, a volunteer mentor, whether face-to-face or virtually, can have a significant impact on a student’s ability to develop self-efficacy and envision themselves in a career in technology or engineering.

This award recognizes the achievements of a North Texas individual, team or group responsible for developing technical breakthrough ideas, processes or products that advance the discipline.

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Mark has been a leader in telecommunications standards for over 20 years. Technological advances Mark worked with other Ericsson developers to enable mobile devices to measure and report radio channel conditions for networks using multiple-multiplexing (MIMO) antenna systems to efficiently use the spectrum. Mark’s contribution to multi-antenna technology will help the mobile industry better prepare for the ongoing large-scale streaming of video streams. Mark’s strong commitment to improving communications through advanced technology is a game changer for the future of the telecommunications ecosystem.

This award recognizes a math or science teacher at a North Texas high school (grades 9-12) who develops and implements an innovative teaching methodology or program that encourages students to pursue further education and/or careers in STEM.

Mr. Chuang not only offers students the most challenging program he can offer, but also builds on building relationships with his students. He encourages his students to learn by trial and error and uses an online resource called WebAssign to assign homework problems and provide feedback to their students. LabQuest is another powerful tool that allows students to import and upload data for analysis.

Mark Haney Attorney Fort Worth

This award recognizes an accredited educational institution.

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