Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio – Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in San Antonio and throughout Texas. However, motorcycles offer less protection for occupants than traditional cars and trucks, making crashes more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Thomas J. Henry Law has represented victims of motorcycle accidents for more than 25 years. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, call Thomas J. Henry Law immediately for a free case review.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

In 2018, San Antonio recorded 16 deaths from motorcycle accidents. This is actually below the five-year average of 21 deaths per year. However, despite making up only a small fraction of all cars on the road, motorcycles were responsible for almost 20% of the car deaths recorded that year.

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As every rider knows, motorcyclists face unique dangers on the road. From careless drivers to debris and poorly maintained roads, motorcyclists must always be alert to the mistakes of others. Unfortunately, no matter how careful motorcyclists are, not all accidents can be avoided.

In the event of an accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help recover the necessary coverage to pay for necessary medical treatment, as well as any loss you may have suffered as a result. It is imperative that I help with the recovery of my wages. are not jobs. Thomas J. Henry Law’s experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to fight for you and help you get back on your feet and back on the road.

In most cases, motorcycle accidents have the same causes as traditional traffic accidents. They may occur in the same place, such as busy intersections, and are often the result of negligence, carelessness or poor judgment.

Motorcyclists and their passengers have a significantly higher risk of being injured in a collision. Common injuries that occur to motorcyclists involved in sinking accidents include:

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Have you had an accident while riding a motorcycle? If you were seriously injured and know that you were not at fault for causing the accident, seek compensation. Thomas J. Henry Rowe San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney wants to help you seek financial compensation for the injuries and trauma you experienced.

San Antonio motorcycle accident attorneys offer free case reviews 24/7. If you​​​​​​​​are injured and cannot travel to our San Antonio office, a San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney can be sent directly to you.

We have straight answers to tough questions to help you make important decisions, navigate the legal process and get justice.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

After an accident there are always more questions than answers. At Thomas J. Henry, we are here to answer your personal injury questions.

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Each accident or injury is unique, but it is usually a good idea to consult an attorney before making any decisions that may affect your claim. Talking to an experienced attorney can help you understand the options available to you and the steps you need to take to ensure fair financial compensation. This is why Thomas J. Henry Law offers free case consultations to all accident victims. It is important to remember that the primary job of the insurance adjuster is to limit liability and save the company money. When insurance adjusters call you with questions about your accident, they are really looking for information that will limit the client’s liability and information that can be used to reduce the extent of your injury. under the guise that they only collect information necessary to proceed with your claim. The explanation is that it can actually be used to erode your case and your path to financial recovery. By consulting a lawyer for the insurance company, you can protect your rights and protect your best interests. If you ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ hire a lawyer after your consultation, the lawyer will start working on your case the same day.

Successful personal injury lawyers use their legal expertise, resources and skilled support staff to develop cases in ways that demonstrate liability and financial and non-economic damages. The ultimate goal is to handle client claims so they can focus on their health and physical recovery. Thomas J. Henry Law has the legal and financial resources necessary to properly prepare and process cases in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Your attorney will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the legal process because you will be treated with respect, you will be kept up to date with information about your case, and they will work to ensure that you are properly compensated. We also work with medical providers to ensure that all injuries receive proper treatment. Experienced attorneys also have access to expert witnesses who have expertise in the subject matter relevant to the case. Thomas J. Henry spent years searching the nation for the best expert witnesses. Our company maintains the most qualified professionals for each individual case, from accident reconstruction specialists to medical professionals. All of our experts go through a rigorous and thorough investigation process before becoming involved in a client’s case.

The risks of not contacting a San Antonio personal injury attorney after an accident cannot be overstated. Simply put, you are jeopardizing not only your future financial security, but your entire claim to recovery

Our San Antonio office accepts walk-ins. However, for your convenience, we encourage you to make an appointment by calling our office or filling out our online application form.

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Yes. San Antonio personal injury attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a face-to-face meeting is required and you cannot come to our office, we will visit the attorney in person.

If you are injured, your car may be damaged or you may not be able to work. If your car is damaged, we can arrange a rental car and even prepay in eligible cases.

We handle all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, vehicle recalls, product recalls, drug cases, mass torts and more.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

If you​​​​are​​injured,​​you​​may​​not​​be​​able​​to​​come​​to​​our​​office​​and​​consult​​with​​a​​lawyer. Don’t worry. We can visit you at your home, work, hospital, or wherever you are.

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Thomas J. Henry states a “no-fee promise.” We work on a success fee basis. This means that you will not pay our company a fee unless we win your case.

More than 250 lawyers are with you and your family 24/7. We have the power and resources to handle every case. We offer free business consultations and don’t pay unless we win.

The company has won best judgment awards every year and has been featured in Texas Monthly, Bloomberg BusinessWeek,, Forbes, Fortune, Parenting Magazine and more.

We have earned some of the highest verdicts, settlements and judgments in the nation.

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Thank you for your help with my friend and daughter’s accident! We have allowed the maximum! We also love how he gives back to our community!

Customer care and comfort are top priorities for these guys. A motorcycle T-bone accident occurs when a vehicle hits another vehicle at right angles. This is also known as a page impact or page impact crash. T-bone collisions can occur at busy intersections, often when one driver is attempting a left turn that requires crossing the lane.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

When a T-bone collision occurs between a motorcycle and a car, it is usually caused by the driver failing to yield and violating the motorcycle’s right-of-way. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, which makes them less visible in traffic.

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Half of all collisions involving cars and motorcycles are caused by motorists.