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New York Jones Act Attorney – Hurricane Maria is the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in more than 80 years. The entire island was left without power, which could take six months to restore. All over the island he cut down trees, broke windows, tore off roofs and turned streets into rivers.

President Trump declared that “Puerto Rico is completely destroyed” and issued a federal disaster declaration. But the United States must do more. They must end the Jones Act in Puerto Rico.

New York Jones Act Attorney

New York Jones Act Attorney

After World War I, America was concerned about German U-boats, which sank nearly 5,000 ships during the war. Congress passed the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, known as the Jones Act, to ensure that the country would maintain a shipbuilding industry and a maritime workforce. Section 27 of this act provided that only American ships could carry goods and passengers from one American port to another. In addition, each ship must be built, designed, and owned by American citizens.

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Nearly a century later, there are no submarines lurking off the coast of Puerto Rico. The Jones Act served its original purpose, but it crippled the island’s economy.

By law, any foreign ship entering Puerto Rico must pay the penalties, fees and taxes that are sent to Puerto Rico consumers.

The foreign shipper has one more option: it can reroute to Jacksonville, Florida, where all goods will be transferred to a US ship and then shipped to Puerto Rico, where—again—all reshipment costs are passed on to the consumer.

The law makes the price of goods from the US mainland at least double that of neighboring islands, including the US Virgin Islands, which are exempt from the Jones Act. Additionally, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is 13 percent higher than in 325 other urban areas in the United States, even though Puerto Rico’s per capita income is about $18,000, about half that of Mississippi, the poorest state of all. 50.

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This is a group of people protecting the shakedown group, Puerto Rico is a captured market. The island is the world’s fifth largest market for American goods, and Puerto Rico has more Walmarts and Walgreens per square mile than anywhere else on the planet.

A 2012 report by two University of Puerto Rico economists found that the Jones Act cost the island’s economy $17 billion between 1990 and 2010. Other studies estimate the damage caused by the Jones Act in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska at $2.8 up to $9.8. billions per year. According to all these reports, if the Jones Act did not exist, then Puerto Rico’s public debt would not exist.

Three US territories do not have the Jones Act, including the US Virgin Islands. The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Manhattan Institute and several major publications have already supported a complete repeal of the law. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that the Jones Act was affecting Puerto Rico’s economy, and two Republicans, Senator John McCain of Arizona and Representative Gary Palmer of Alabama, submitted bills to repeal or suspend the law. (The shipbuilding industry supports the law.)

New York Jones Act Attorney

The submarines are gone and the law of conservation is revealed. The broad capitalism of the Jones Act “protects” no one and weakens the economy of Puerto Rico. If the United States has

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Concern for the people devastated by the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the law must be taken down their throats—and now.

Recovering from a pandemic will be difficult regardless, but the Jones Act will make it even harder.

Food costs twice as much in Puerto Rico as in Florida. Aid under the Jones Act will save many Puerto Ricans — especially children and the elderly — from potential starvation. Assistance under the Jones Act will also allow Islanders to get drugs, especially Canadian ones, at life-saving prices. And it would give islanders access to international oil markets — essential for running their electricity grid — without the Jones Act’s 30 percent surcharge.

And suspending or repealing the law is essential to the upcoming recovery process. In one city alone, 70,000 people were displaced by a collapsed dam. Aid under the Jones Act will allow residents to buy supplies, rebuild their homes and prevent an explosion of homelessness.

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Not just the recovery from Hurricane Maria. It is also about the long-term future of Puerto Rico. If the Jones Act were suspended, consumer prices would drop 15 to 20 percent and energy costs would drop. A post-Jones Puerto Rico could improve its infrastructure and grow its island shipping industry. Indeed, the island can be a hub for transportation between South America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. This industry would create thousands of jobs and opportunities for skilled workers and small businesses. In an island with official unemployment of over 10 percent (but in reality closer to 25 percent), this would increase their entire workforce.

A humanitarian crisis is about to break out in Puerto Rico. But the consequences of a Jones Act waiver would be swift and powerful. This is not the time to charge everyone with a price. It is time for Congress to act ethically and responsibly and stop the Jones Act in Puerto Rico. The Jones Act allows injured seamen to seek compensation after accidents caused by negligence. Negligence under the Jones Act is the failure to provide reasonable care that causes illness or injury. Seafarers who can prove that their employer or ship owner was negligent in causing an injury can claim compensation.

Carelessness does not always lead to accidents and injuries. The employer can avoid negligent behavior and be lucky to avoid an accident.

New York Jones Act Attorney

To prove negligence in an accident or injury case, you must prove that the employer acted negligently and that this negligence caused the accident.

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Negligence must have contributed to the accident, even if only a small part or other factors contributed to the accident.

The definition of negligence is broad and leaves room for many interpretations. It involves several acts or omissions by an employer whose job it is to keep workers safe.

The good news for a seafarer injured on the job is that the burden of proof of negligence is low.

In Jones Act marine injuries and accidents, the seafarer only needs to prove that the employer’s negligence played some role in causing the accident, even just one percent.

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In most other types of negligence cases, the plaintiff is expected to prove that the defendant was the main cause of the accident.

Although the burden of proof for a plaintiff in a Jones Act claim is low, it is still important to be prepared to present your case if you find yourself in this situation. A big part of this is having an experienced Jones attorney on your side fighting for your compensation rights. The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is one of the most important laws for seamen who have been injured. To work. This legislation is designed to support a vibrant and healthy American maritime industry. The Jones Act has been amended many times, and critics have called for its repeal.

One of the most important provisions of the Jones Act is to preserve the rights of seafarers while on the job and protect them if they are injured on the job. The law mandates that seafarers be provided with adequate and satisfactory food, accommodation and medical care while working on board a vessel.

New York Jones Act Attorney

Employers are also expected to provide care for seafarers injured at work, whether through negligence or unsafe conditions. If this is not provided, the seafarer has the right to file a claim for damages under the Jones Act.

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The law protects all seafarers, defined as men and women who spend most of their time working on board or contributing to the operation of a seagoing vessel. The right to make a claim applies to seamen injured in navigable waters. This may include:

The requirement that a vessel must be in navigable waters leaves some mariners outside of Jones Act rights. For example, a person who does not work on a vessel on the water but on land under construction or repair does not qualify as a seafarer according to the law.

A qualified seaman must spend at least 30 percent of his time working on board a vessel in navigable waters. Other laws under maritime law protect these other workers who are not qualified under that law.

If a qualified seaman is involved, he can file a claim for damages and compensation. The law states that a seafarer must file a claim within seven days of the injury. It is best to claim immediately after the accident.

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Injuries should also be reported directly to the captain, supervisor or manager. The claims process also requires a formal marine casualty report and details to be submitted