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Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca – Known for its beaches and swimming activities, Newport Beach is a wonderful coastal town located in Orange County. It is the 103rd largest city in California and 420

In the United States with a population of 83,454. Today, the city’s harbor is mostly for recreation and tourism but it has supported the maritime industry since the 1900s. Freeway Law’s Newport Beach personal injury attorney team has been protecting the rights of citizens for over a year. Already a decade

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

Each year, approximately 3 million accident victims require hospitalization and 27 million require emergency room treatment. 170,000 recorded deaths each year from car accidents, medical errors, poisonings, slips, trips and falls. These numbers and data come from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics.

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These accidents can change the lives of victims and their loved ones in an instant. This can result in physical, financial, mental, social and emotional suffering. Future effects such as loss of opportunities, legacies and long-term treatment are also part of the victim’s experience. You deserve justice for all suffering caused by personal injury caused by other people’s negligence. You will be entitled to a claim that will cover all the costs of all damages to get you started again.

The Newport Beach City personal injury attorneys at Freeway Law can help you through this complex and confusing process to recover your claim. You’ll be able to focus on recovering from your injury while we work on the compensation you deserve. We will guide you through everything you need to know and do about your case.

We speak fluent Spanish, Vietnamese and Farsi to ensure you can comfortably communicate with us. If we don’t win, you don’t have to pay us a fee. Call us now for a free consultation and let us fight by your side.

Excellent service from pick up to finish. They took care of my case, my bills, everything. Can’t recommend them enough. Are you looking for the best personal injury attorney Newport Beach has to offer? We represent clients and win cases rejected by other lawyers!

Newport Beach Ca Personal Injury Lawyer

Read on to discover why the law is the Newport Beach personal injury attorney you want on your side.

With over 50 years of combined experience serving residents of Newport Beach and beyond, we’re here to help!

Law works on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay legal fees until your claim is successfully resolved.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

Each of our clients receives the personalized attention they deserve as we work to recover maximum compensation for all damages sustained as a result of your accident.

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When managing attorney Maryam Parman founded Juro, she had a clear vision for the firm: to help injured people navigate the red tape of accident claims and recover the compensation they deserve. Decades later, Zuro is proud to support this mission with proven results – more than $1 billion in recoveries for clients in over 25,000 cases.

With the firm’s headquarters located in downtown Newport Beach and additional offices located throughout the United States, the attorneys at law share more than 50 years of combined experience in successfully resolving personal injury cases. Whether you are looking for the best bicycle accident attorney in Newport Beach, or you need the services of a skilled Newport Beach truck accident attorney, The Law Team is here to help.

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Below is a list of some of the common personal injury legal services we offer at Law:

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Newport Beach, California

A client suffered a traumatic brain injury after a vehicle crashed into the back of his parked car; The insurance company did not pay the $250,000 policy on time.

The plaintiff was sitting on a bench outside a pharmacy when someone pinned him between their car and the building. A settlement was against both the driver and the pharmacy chain.

Riverside County garbage truck made a left turn in front of defendant, customer, causing serious orthopedic injury.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

A client suffered a severe brain injury after being rear-ended by a truck parked on the side of the road without headlights.

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A client was a passenger in a car that collided with a pickup truck parked on the side of the road and the driver of the vehicle she was in fled the scene.

Motor vehicle accident cases and bad faith insurance cases where the defendant’s carrier has failed to pay the limit on time.

A motorcycle customer was hit by an accused who failed to yield while turning left, resulting in death.

Defective tires and vehicle design caused a client’s vehicle to overturn, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

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The client was walking across the street and was hit by a carpool driver on New Year’s Eve, causing a severe brain injury.

The defendant was driving a flatbed trailer that swerved in front of a pregnant customer, which pinned her vehicle and required an emergency cesarean.

A motorcycle customer was seriously injured when the driver hit him while making an illegal lane change.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

Successfully resolved a second opinion case where a client was rejected by another law firm. A client suffered an amputation of a leg due to an accident in which a police report blamed the client.

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While walking across the street, a customer was hit by a car and then taken to hospital with serious injuries.

While riding his motorcycle in the fast lane, the customer crosses the double yellow line and collides with a vehicle exiting the carpool lane.

A customer was riding his bicycle and was hit by the front tire of a semi truck, sustaining serious injuries.

The client was attacked by a dog and suffered severe facial injuries, resulting in six different surgeries.

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The county refused to repair a dangerous bridge despite being warned of the problem, resulting in the client’s traumatic brain injury.

On the highway, a client had an earlier accident when he was hit by two cars that did not see him.

A passenger in a company truck was involved in a collision when a vehicle swerved in front of the vehicle.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

The pedestrian client was hit by a car and the insurance company did not pay the $100,000 policy limit, resulting in a much higher settlement.

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In stop-and-go traffic, a client was rear-ended by a distracted driver who pushed the client’s vehicle into the vehicle in front of him.

Because a client entered a freeway in his work truck and was rear-ended by a distracted driver in a commercial work van.

Injuries that required surgery were sustained when a client was hit by a car making an illegal left turn into oncoming traffic.

While walking her own dog, the client was attacked by another dog, resulting in stitches to her leg and arm.

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At Albertsons, the client slipped on a liquid on the floor, causing pain on the left side of his body.

While a customer was waiting at a stoplight, he was rear-ended by a car that did not stop in time.

A tow truck hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk, breaking a leg and ankle and requiring surgery.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

San Bernardino County failed to post clear warning signs near a washed-out bridge, causing a customer to crash into the riverbed.

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A customer was waiting at a stop light and was rear-ended by a car that did not stop in time.

A customer was crossing an intersection when he was struck by a UPS truck and the truck fled the scene.

While stopped at a red light, the customer was rear-ended by a vehicle that did not stop in time.

A client was struck by a train while the train crossing arm was up, resulting in serious injuries.

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Overgrown bushes blocked a sidewalk, forcing the customer to step into the street where he was struck by a vehicle.

At work, the client was injured when a pickup truck driver ran him over and broke his leg.

While the client was working on the roof, he slipped and fell, requiring surgery.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

The client was seriously injured when he hit a car on the road while riding his skateboard.

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A motorcyclist collided with a vehicle making an illegal lane change resulting in serious injury.

While driving on the shoulder of the freeway, the client collided with a stopped semi truck, causing fatal injuries.

A customer in a ride sharing vehicle was hit by a drunk driver and suffered serious injuries that required surgery.

Defendant made a U-turn and crashed into a customer’s vehicle causing property damage and a facial injury requiring 50 stitches.

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The client was a passenger in a car when they ran a red light and was T-boned by a car coming from the opposite direction.

A customer was a passenger in an elevator when the driver made an illegal left turn and a car hit them.

A motorcyclist was entering an intersection on his motorcycle when a flatbed truck pulled into the intersection and blocked all traffic, causing a collision.

Personal Injury Attorney Newport Beach Ca

When a client visited a rehab center to visit her son, he tripped over a cement wheel block in the dark.

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