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Personal Injury Attorneys Lexington Park – Heart disease and cancer can claim the lives of most Americans overall, but injury and violence are leading causes of death in certain age groups, such as those ages 1 to 44. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 200,000 people die each year in the United States from injuries and violence, including 33,000 in traffic accidents. When injuries are caused by the negligence of others, corporate greed, or lack of medical skill or care, justice demands that the responsible party be held accountable and compensate the injured party for the damages. That’s the essence of personal injury law, and for more than 40 years, the Baltimore personal injury attorneys at Iamele & Iamele, LLP have been helping Marylanders get the compensation and treatment they need. need and deserve.

Our team of attorneys serve clients in Baltimore, Howard, Ann Arundel and Prince George counties on all types of personal injury matters. Our experience and capabilities extend, among others, to the following areas:

Personal Injury Attorneys Lexington Park

Personal Injury Attorneys Lexington Park

We cover the most serious injuries, including brain and spinal injuries, burns, fractures, amputations, scars and deformities. Catastrophic injuries often cost the victim additional lifelong costs, medical problems, and challenges of daily living. It is important to have a qualified and experienced attorney on hand to ensure that all costs and damages are accounted for and included in your claim.

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As a victim of injuries caused by the negligence or misconduct of others, you can take legal action against the responsible party. The law retains liability by requiring the liable party to pay statutory damages to compensate for the harm caused to the injured party. This coverage may include coverage for current and future medical expenses, loss of income due to temporary or permanent disability, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

Unfortunately, obtaining this compensation is not always easy and the law requires victims to prove all aspects of the case, including the negligence of the defendant, the cause of the injury and the extent of the damages. The defendant and his insurance company will minimize the amount of damages you suffered or claim that your injuries resulted from other events. They may also try to blame you for causing the accident. In most states this will reduce the amount of damages you can collect, but in Maryland you will be considered responsible for part of the accident and you may not receive any compensation from the negligent part.

An experienced personal injury attorney can build and present a strong case to prove the other party’s liability and invalidate the insurance company’s claim that your negligence somehow contributed to the injury. accident or injury. At Iamele & Iamele, LLP, your reputation as a litigator helps you prepare strong cases that can result in favorable settlements, and if you can’t reach an agreement, we’re ready to take your case to a jury. . Verdict to get the best results for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or tort, don’t wait to contact a Baltimore personal injury attorney. You have a limited time to file a claim, and the sooner you hire an experienced lawyer, the better your chances of recovering the maximum amount to cover your injury. In Baltimore, call Iamele & Iamele, LLP at 410-779-6160 for a free consultation. Have you ever been hurt by the actions of others? Columbia personal injury attorneys are committed to putting maximum compensation in your hands. The people legally responsible for your injury must pay damages. Jeffcoat’s personal injury attorneys help victims apply for and receive financial compensation.

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The deck is often stacked against you. Insurance companies often want to defer your case and deny coverage. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers. But we know how to win. As claims lawyers, we take care of everything related to insurance companies. Just search for “personal injury lawyers near you” and our team is ready to help. We will put maximum compensation in your hands and hold you responsible for damage caused by dangerous people. If you are the victim of personal injury or have questions about your case, we are proud to support you. Contact us today to talk about your case.

Jeffcoat Firm Injury Lawyers is headquartered in the heart of Columbia. The office is a few blocks from the South Carolina State Capitol with restaurants, churches, banks and the Columbia Museum of Art nearby.

Parking is available in the above ground parking lot next to the building. Assembly Street also has parking with secure access. Street parking is also available.

Personal Injury Attorneys Lexington Park

In addition to travel by car, the Jeffcoat Law Firm is accessible by bus using the COMET public transit system, by bicycle, and through the Main Street District’s free E-rover shuttle program. You can also meet them at home or in hospitals.

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*You won’t pay us a penny unless we first insure the damage for you. We receive a percentage of what we collect for you. The cost is also deducted from the full recovery.

When accidents happen, there seems to be no one to blame, but the cause is often the negligence or negligence of others. While deliberate driving is a reason for personal injury claims, cases can also be based on accidents.

The people of Colombia and South Carolina have a duty to act with care and attention. Acting recklessly or failing to take reasonable security measures may even be grounds for a claim. Victims can file a lawsuit if someone has suffered bodily harm as a result of their negligence. Car accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, and workplace injuries are common types of personal injury accidents.

Are you looking for a motorcycle accident or car accident lawyer near you? Have you been injured by someone else’s negligence and need an SC Columbia personal injury attorney? Jeffcoat Firm has a team of experienced personal injury attorneys who have been representing clients in motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases since 1999.

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We are here to help those who have been injured by the negligence of others in car accidents or other types of personal injury incidents.

Columbia, SC is the second largest city in South Carolina and the state capital. It is the county seat of Richland County, but part of the city is in Lexington County.

Residents and visitors to Columbia, SC can enjoy a variety of cultural, civic and sporting attractions. From the South Carolina State Capitol to the historic Waverly District and historic Columbia, this city is rich in history. Riverbanks Zoo & Garden offers residents the opportunity to enjoy nature with Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park, West Columbia Riverwalk Park, and Amphitheater. The Edventure Children’s Museum offers hands-on learning. The Columbia Art Museum and the South Carolina State Museum are just a few of the rich cultural attractions that await area residents and visitors.

Personal Injury Attorneys Lexington Park

In the total number of traffic accidents in 2019, Richland County ranked third in the state behind Greenville and Charleston counties.

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There were 16 DUI-related car crashes in Richland County in 2019. In 2010, another 1,754 non-fatal alcohol and drug-related crashes occurred.

Slip-and-fall accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among older adults in South Carolina. Each year, 25,000 elderly people end up in the emergency room because of a fall and 7,000 must be hospitalized.

Whether you’re looking for a motor vehicle accident or personal injury attorney near you, Jeffcoat Firm is here to help.

The best team to handle your case. They constantly check on you and your well-being. They are there to do what is best for you. I would give them 100 stars if I could. I would recommend it to everyone.

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Jeffcoat Firm was great. They were professional, polite, and overall a great experience. When my other law firm couldn’t handle it in 3 years, they did exactly what they said they would do in 3 months and ended up dropping my case without notice. I will definitely return to Jeffcoat Company in the event of future legal requirements. Thank you for your great experience and your professionalism. I was involved in a court case for the first time. Rock you guys!

I highly recommend Jeffcoat Law Firm. It was my first accident and I was scared. To make matters worse, it was during a pandemic. Jess Harrell was my case manager and she did a great job guiding me through the process during these very uncertain times. Definitely excellent customer service and professionalism. Anytime you have a question or concern