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San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney – Our experienced California pedestrian accident attorneys know how to obtain the maximum compensation available under California law for injuries and deaths caused by a negligent driver, truck driver, bicyclist or motorcyclist. Pedestrians are uniquely injured when compared to motor vehicles or even those on bikes, a fact that is unfortunately especially true in California.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys have extensive expertise and knowledge representing California pedestrians who have been injured or killed in pedestrian accident cases. We are well-acquainted with the law that applies in such situations and take the time to get to know our clients and their cases, allowing us to obtain the most favorable resolution or jury verdicts for our clients.

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents differ from other types of accidents because pedestrians have no protection in the event of an accident. People who ride in cars are in vehicles that weigh at least 4,000 pounds on average and are protected not only by seat belts but also by airbags. Even cyclists have helmets for their protection. Meanwhile, in situations where pedestrian accidents occur, pedestrians are completely vulnerable and vulnerable.

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Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries and even death to those unfortunate enough to be involved in such an accident. Common injuries from pedestrian accidents are head injuries such as brain contusion or hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, and many other debilitating injuries. Many pedestrian accident injuries can result in either a functional impairment or a chronic condition.

This fact is not surprising when the weight of an average passenger vehicle is compared to the weight of a pedestrian. Vehicles carry more weight and force than pedestrians, and the pedestrian, not the vehicle, will be seriously injured in a collision. Gives cyclists more protection than pedestrians, assuming they’re wearing a helmet because they have at least some protection. Pedestrians have no protection in the event of an accident, be it anyone or anything.

Statistics show that California is particularly dangerous for pedestrians compared to other states. According to the most recent government data on pedestrian safety, Los Angeles County is the most dangerous county in the country for pedestrians, with nearly double the number of pedestrians.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the federal agency responsible for ensuring the safety of people on America’s roads, more than 5,900 pedestrians were killed in 2016 across the United States. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to result in death than other types of accidents because of how vulnerable pedestrians are compared to, for example, an accident involving two motor vehicles where both sides of the accident have serious concerns about their safety. Not only seatbelts and airbags, but also a multi-ton vehicle.

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According to recent pedestrian crash data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, Los Angeles is the most unsafe county for pedestrians in the US, second only to California. It wasn’t even close; Los Angeles had twice the number of pedestrians as the next two counties on the list, Maricopa County in Arizona and Harris County in Texas.

It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic conditions in the country, some of the most congested roads, antiquated infrastructure, no pedestrian access in some places, and a public transportation system that serves very few people. is used by

With a population larger than that of New York City (over 10 million people) in the greater Los Angeles area, it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles has a pedestrian accident problem.

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Children and the elderly are at the highest risk of injury or death anywhere in California. Last year, 4,000 older Americans were injured in pedestrian accidents, resulting in more than 700 deaths nationwide. Children under the age of 15 account for 39 percent of all pedestrian accidents, of which about 10 percent are fatal.

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This is logical, as people who are less likely to get out of the way of a speeding driver through a red light have limited attention or reflexes to leave the road in time. As an older adult or child.

Settlement in motor vehicle versus pedestrian accidents; The customer has suffered facial and spinal injuries. -Jude Ross Allen

Pedestrians in California need to be extra careful. It’s a sad fact of living in the Golden State. The law may require drivers to behave a certain way, but any Californian who drives anywhere on a regular basis can tell you that the vast majority of drivers in the state ignore the law. Of course, it’s the driver’s responsibility not to hit anyone, but they should take it upon themselves to let the pedestrian cross as safely as possible.

According to relevant provisions of the California Vehicle Code, a driver must obey the following laws in the presence of pedestrians:

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Can a pedestrian be held liable by a driver for causing an accident in which a pedestrian is injured?

Under a legal doctrine known as comparative negligence, both the injured pedestrian and the negligent driver or other wrongdoer may be held liable in relation to the same pedestrian accident. After all, there’s nothing to say that the pedestrian didn’t contribute to the car accident, even if the motorist bears the brunt of the liability.

For example, if a pedestrian ignores a no-walk signal and a car crosses the road at twice the speed limit, the pedestrian and tort (a legal term for a party who injures another) Both can be held responsible for its consequences. Accident.

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In such cases, the jury will be asked to split fault between both the pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian. The recovery of the pedestrian shall be reduced to any extent of the pedestrian’s liability in respect of the accident.

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Therefore, if the pedestrian is determined 50 percent at fault for an accident in which a pedestrian is injured and the negligent driver is determined 50 percent at fault, and the jury awards the pedestrian $100,000 in damages, So the pedestrian could only recover $50,000, as it was found that he was found to be at fault for half of the damages he suffered. It is believed

If the jury finds the pedestrian to be solely responsible for the accident, comparative negligence will not apply because the pedestrian will be held solely at fault and no damages will be recovered from the motorist or cyclist who struck the pedestrian Will go

In California, as in all states in the United States, there exists a legal concept known as the statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations, often set forth in state statutes, establish a specific timeline for you to file a lawsuit in a personal injury case, including a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

Under California law, you must file a pedestrian accident lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident. If you miss the deadline, you will be barred from pursuing a lawsuit to recover compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries. Even if your injuries are serious, you may be barred from seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

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, A family member is barred from filing a wrongful death lawsuit during that period.

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San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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