Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

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Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx – There is no payment to you until we resolve your claim. Get health care at no cost, even if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your deductible.

Why you can trust us? In addition to achieving the “Top 10” Texas Premises Liability Claims in 2020, we settled 19 of the “Top 50” personal injury cases in 2021, according to Mullen & Mullen has been in practice in Dallas for over 40 years, and our attorneys have 95 years of experience.

Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

The Texas legislature and courts have made it harder for victims to recover damages. You usually know or must know that the situation is dangerous for the offender and you must show that you have a legal duty to warn you or, depending on your circumstances, to make the situation safe.

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The Dallas law firm of Mullen & Mullen has represented hundreds of clients in settlements for people who suffered physical injuries in office buildings, apartment complexes, department stores, grocery and grocery stores, restaurants and other retail stores such as Walmart and won millions.

We have the financial capacity, knowledge, skills and experience to get your business right. Our Dallas attorneys will establish the facts necessary to obtain compensation for your slip and fall injury.

In fact, our senior associate attorney, Joseph Morrison, served as counsel in the VerdictSearch Texas Top 5 premises liability verdict against Conagra Foods, a Fortune 500 company.

The first thing to determine is if you have a premises liability or negligence action claim. This short video explains the difference between the two.

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When you slip and fall on someone’s property in Dallas, whether it’s a local park, a government building, a private or public business, or someone else’s home, the law that governs your case depends on how and where the accident happened.

However, you have the right to claim damages if negligence or failure to act occurs. This is important because it is less difficult to prove that the defendant breached the duty of safety in the event of a slip and fall in negligence claims than in premises liability.

Example of a negligence claim: You are checking out merchandise at a grocery store when an employee is not paying attention and accidentally pushes a chain of shopping carts past you and hits you. An accident happened here due to sudden carelessness. To establish a breach of the duty of care, you must prove that a reasonable store employee would have cared to push the long chain shopping carts. You can argue for common sense, put together training policies and procedures, and try to get the employee to agree that attention is needed.

Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

Absolutely. Witnesses can sometimes make or break a Dallas slip and fall case. It is imperative that you retain all possible witness information, as these can often be used to show that the store knew or should have discovered a dangerous condition.

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Remember: even if no one witnessed your slip and fall accident, you can still establish the facts you need to support and win your personal injury claim. In most cases, your testimony can establish the evidence you need to support your claim for damages.

Maybe. For example, if two employees were near water on the floor in the example above, it would be easy to argue that the employees should have known about the water on the floor or should have found (and protected) the water on the floor. . Think about your own slip and fall. Do you have staff who stand by you when you fall? Did you land on the main aisle or section of the store? Was there anything near where you fell that would indicate that one or more staff member(s) were in the area before you fell?

Example 1: The law firm of Mullen & Mullen represents a woman who was injured at Walmart. He slipped and fell into a puddle leaking from the ceiling. Our attorney argued based on evidence developed by three staff members who visually identified the crash site.

Example 2: Our Dallas slip and fall attorney represented a person who slipped and fell at a Kroger grocery store due to water on the aisle. The law firm of Mullen & Mullen argued that the pallet containing the products was in the hallway before our client fell and the dangerous situation should have been near where the water was shown.

How Long After A Slip And Fall Can You Get A Lawyer?

Maybe. For example, if a store manager admits to having one or more employee(s) clean up the spill before you spill it, that clearly indicates that the store had actual knowledge of the hazardous condition. Sometimes statements can establish a constructive message – meaning that the store must have identified a dangerous condition. For example, if you slip and fall 5 feet from a cooler and the employee admits that the cooler is constantly leaking, you can argue that the cooler has leaked enough water to travel that distance and that the employee should find it sooner.

Remember: Structured instruction can be set up in many ways. For example, if a pond you walk into has a lot of “tracks,” you could argue that the pond has been around long enough for many people to have encountered it.

Example:  We previously talked about a woman representing Walmart who slipped and fell into a puddle of leaking from the ceiling. Our attorney in Dallas indicated that many employees see the corridor. Mullen & Mullen still had to determine if the puddle had been around long enough for store employees to find it. Our attorney stated that the size of the puddle (it was the size of an average pizza) combined with the slow flow (a drip every 3-4 seconds) meant that the puddle had been accumulating for a long time.

Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

Many potential parties may be liable for your injuries. These aspects may vary depending on the type of facility where you were injured. For example:

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In short, the owner, manager and any other owner of the premises is liable for your injuries.

The game changes when you are injured on public property in Texas. There is less time to file your claim

Called the “statute period,” you have two years to file a claim for personal property damage. However, if you are injured on public property, this will be reduced to a maximum of 6 months.

Additionally, local jurisdictions may set lower limits, including 45 and 90 days. It is important to report your injury immediately and get legal help quickly so that your claim is valid.

Slip And Fall Accidents: Understanding The Average Settlement

When you enter private property in Texas, insurance policy limits are subjective and quite high. In general, you can recover full compensation for economic damages (loss of income, medical bills, loss of earning capacity, damage to your property) without any limitations.

In private property, you can recover damages for non-economic damages (mental pain and suffering, lost companionship, etc.), although this is rare and difficult to prove.

The same is true for punitive damages, which are rare because they aim to punish an organization or individual for grossly negligent behavior that caused serious injury.

Slip And Fall Attorneys Dallas Tx

In England, before the creation of America, you could not sue the king or the government for any reason. Forever. This is where “sovereign immunity” comes into play. And it makes it harder to sue government agencies in Texas. However, they were not as fully protected as Old England. A government body does not enjoy sovereign immunity if it performs functions that only benefit its citizens. But it enjoys sovereign immunity in performing useful functions for citizens and non-citizens. So, falling on public property makes your situation more complicated, but not impossible. In conclusion, report the accident to the department as soon as possible and contact a qualified attorney to protect your rights.

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Access to extensive databases used by our solicitors to identify the owner(s) and/or manager(s) of the premises. Our attorneys use this information to send evidence letters to potential parties directing them to preserve all evidence that may be helpful to your accident case. For example, many stores have surveillance cameras that capture your fall. It is important to retain legal counsel immediately, as these videos are often recorded after a certain period of time.

Absolutely. Your legal status with respect to the property in question determines the obligations placed on you by potentially liable parties. It also determines whether comparative negligence precludes the recovery of damages.

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